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      I mean, it would be ridiculous to think that Soros’ favorite asset and Dear Leader of America would ever recognize his handlers’ own terrorist organization as a terrorist organization, but it’s refreshing to see people waking up.

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      189,143 signed so far. Now I wonder how Dear Leader is gonna spin that one to protect his BFF Soros.

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        My signature on 8/22 at 10:00am(cst) was no. 243,608.

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      Empty soul

      Antifa are just part-time, radicalised libsters. A rent-a-fop in other words that swarms around looking for trouble but when that “trouble” fights back and it gets too dangerous for them their balls shrink in size and their cocks shrivel up and they run away to call the cops.

      The best thing about Antifa and libtards in general though is that they constantly and obsessively exclude the majority in favour of minority focused policies which means that if you give them enough time and rope they will hang themselves.

      I say give them a bit more time and rope and watch them become public enemy number one all by themselves and then move in to crush them when the majority public opinion is against them. This way you can set the conditions for a pull to the opposite direction.

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      I say that somebody should just Shoot that Soros Piece-O-Shit, and be done with these Fags For Hire Libtards. Cut off their major sponsor, and Cash Cow, and then let’see what these shit disturbers are really made of, and if the’ll do these Cunting Acts, and work,,,for free.

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        @thedre The jews are just using him as a scapegoat, I think. You get rid of him, they’ll just find some other piece-O-shit, but I like the way you think. I thought I was well versed in Jewish fuckery until I ran across this site, and your’s and Mark’s posts, much respect!.

        I like to vent on the jews and youtube has ghosted all my comments recently. I think it was when I started pointing out that all the most extreme racist comments were all coming from Israelis, they were obviously(obvious to me that is, not your average youtube commenter) pretending to be white supremacists and also pretending to be black supremacists as well, they were arguing with each other, but thumbing up each others comments, it was funny as fuck.
        Its certainly more widespread than many people think as well, they will always find new and disgusting ways of creating division. You really do have to think like a rat to understand them.

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      Thanks for the kind words @fcUKer. But in all honesty, i also thought that i was well versed in the Jewish-Scams, and their many continued crimes being committed against anyone, or anything,(in there eyes) deemed unprofitable, or geared towards the greater good. So, until i came across this site, and got to know @happy or (Mark himself), by reading, & watching his many Holohoax Series, i began to realize how little i really knew about them at the time. And then, just like that,,, i became hooked ever since. I then began thinking of what i could do, in order to also help spread this important message, by warning, and trying my best, at educating as many of the general public as i could, regarding all that i had been fortunate enough to learn here. And as a result,,, i have been a B-G Staple, and loyal member, ever since. So today, and since my accident a few years back, i have found my true calling, and spend much of my time doing what make me happy, and gives me a renewed purpose in life, and that is to help-out whoever will listen, and continue spreading all the knowledge, and wisdom, that i was blessed to learn on here And
      today i could not imagine my life, and how empty it would feel, without my friend, and Mentor Mark, and his Best-Gore. 🙂

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      AntiFa has been labelled “Domestic Terrorists” by the New Jersey office of Homeland Security:

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        That doesn’t surprise me one bit Mark, cause as we very well know, that any organisation that speaks the truth and exposes Sodomy, Extreme Perversion, The LGBT, and the like deserves a Medal in my books. This is why they always send in George Soros to pay his gang of cowardly thugs to start shit, when in reality the free speech protesters for the most part, always protest peacefully, just holding signs, and stuff. As Soro’s fagots use their signs to fight, and start fires with on the streets. I am starting to think that maybe Trump, is not so bad after all, cause when the Jew-Owned mass Media tried to push him to call them White Supremacists, he would not, but he instead spoke up and blamed all the all side for cranking them up first, instead of just focusing on one group Alone. What’s your take on it bud??? Do you still think that Trump is a fake Jew-Ass-Kisser?? and just playing both sides??

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      Just signed it… even though it should be self-evident to President Kushner that Antifa are terrorists and always have been…

      Thanks Mark…

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      Empty soul


      That Trump is a friend of Israel is a fact, Netanyahjew himself personally praises the guy on a regular basis. His daughter is also married to one.

      Netanyahjew’s own son, Yair Netanyahjew, also recently said that he considers the American left-wing to be more dangerous than Neo-Nazis.

      What we can put together from all of this is that Israel currently considers left-wingers to be a greater threat to Zionism than right-wingers. Why?, because even though both the far-left and the right dislike Jews with a passion the far-left are currently far more numerous and organised than the right simply because they have been allowed to breed their ideology unopposed for a long time now using the very same trick as the Jews themselves, the victim card.

      If I were to make an educated guess then I would say that the left are being wound up on purpose in order to carry out what I proposed in my comment above, that they are being provided with both the time and rope for them to inadvertently hang themselves and become public enemy number one. The end result is that their strength gets depleted and their reputation and ability to organise ruined.

      The above sets a social political environment wherein both the left and right are forced into a more moderate, non threatening position. A more controllable population in other words. That Trump plays both the left and the right against each other by refusing to outwardly back either horse makes sense then within this line of thinking.

      Still, a Clinton government would not have made any difference because publicly elected leaders get inserted into non publicly elected systems so once in the individual becomes the system and not the other way around. All we get is a new face every now and then but with the exact same mental faculties as before, a puppet in other words.

      If no one voted either we would still get a puppet forced upon us anyway so until there appears to be a better way of going about change we must bide our time and survive until then which is also why I am quite enjoying the left’s misery and current breakdown because their politically correct, race traitorous fuckwitted behaviour is giving me the shits.

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      Antifa is far more fascist in their ideology and actions than any entity that they oppose. @Oephi pointed out the irony in their actions but also the irony in the name of their little club itself is very hard to miss.

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