Place an ad of a woman you like to purchase as your own property.

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      Road Pavement

      I would like a big breasted sex goddess that will cook, clean and give birth to countless children while being loyal and faithful to me.

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      You had better be prepared to shell out for some vaginal rejuvenation or that sex goddess will end up with a chuff like a wizard’s sleeve after all them sprogs.

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      The countless children part is where you fucked up, but everything else sounds about right.

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      Road Pavement

      Look at the bright side I was making everyone laugh

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      “Purchase a woman”? Fuck that. Bitch, pay me or gtfo.

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      What Roady said plus :
      *tourettes (the funny kind)
      *hot accent
      *has a latex allergy

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      That would have to be my mother. When she gets drunk I’m able to have sex with her and she is totally unaware that it’s her son having sex with her. She is the first one I ever had sex with in my life when I was a teenager and she was so drunk she just looked at me and said I love you Larry. The funny thing is that’s my father’s name Larry so I guess she thought I was her husband and not her teenage son

Viewing 6 reply threads
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