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      I posted a very edited version of this video in another discussion but this shows how angry this “model” gets AFTER the man apologizes. You can’t please SJWs. Just don’t try.

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      This is more an anti- cnn /Left diatribe than a truth-seeking exercise @itsplaster. I would believe her more if she was a little less a “FoxNews”-advocate.

      This blondey is way too ignorant and opiniated for me. I liked the other women videobloggers you put up more.

      I know you took the man’s apology at face value and believed him and thus think she went overboard. That is where we disagree. I dont take his apology at face value and i dont believe he genuinely felt sorry. Sticking up for all fat people in all situations is not my game. I genuinely think ,in this case,he was in the wrong and got caught. Simple.

      On the plus side if she is into Daddies , we could screw and argue to her heart’s content😎 She looks like she could handle that.

      Thank you for following up and discussing it with me.


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        I agree that he was not sincere in his apology, he was trapped and said whatever helped to hopefully shut fatty up. I still think she was a cunt, she should not have been reading his texts. He was writing private messages, he wasn’t trying to embarrass her, he wasn’t shouting out loud what a fatty she was. Most of us are taught as children to mind your own business, that it’s RUDE to read over someone’s shoulder, to read something that was NOT intended for them to see. I personally hate when people do that. I would’ve told her to mind her own Fucking business, but she knew, as a women, she could get away with it. Women like her make me sick. Like when you see a man physical!y abuse a woman, just because he can, you may feel embarrassment because you are a man that would not do that. I feel the same way about women who act like that. Her whole attitude is shit. You’re fat bitch, get over it, or do something about it.
        “I work out…” BAHAHAHA !!

        P.S. If she shows up wanting to “wrestle”, make sure you have a bag of flour on hand. πŸ˜€

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      Thanks illegal. We disagree on whether she looked over his shoulder or not and whether his texts would cause me to make trouble.

      Very simply, if i got on a plane and i saw someone smirk at me and hurriedly text i would know in my bones it was about me. Simple. I dont care that she went on tv to shame or anything. That is a different matter to me. I dont care if she lied or not about working out. All i care about was was she right to cause trouble with him in the circumstances.

      I say she was. He is lucky it was not me ’cause he’d end up with a fat lip and a vacuous toothless grin.

      As for fattees ,i do not find her attractive. I like them shapely and lithe. Thankfully , I am still attractive enough to get them.Yet ,i am rapidly ageing so i will probably need to buy shares in a flour mill soon because fatties will be the only birds i will maybe able to hit on if i am lucky.

      Please Forgive this mangina 😉😎


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      I remember a simpler time when obese fat asses did not feel they had the right to make everyone around them feel as angry and miserable as they must feel.

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        Muja Mi Rona


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        Exactly, that’s what I’m talking about. πŸ˜€
        Bitches be pissed and shit cuz peeps putting ’em down ’bouts they fat asses.
        (I know she’s not a nigger, but she actually, sort of, is.)

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      He’s a funny fuck alright! I love the down down material.

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