POTUS to Make America Great for Israel Again

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      I have been saying it for 2 years, without a thread of deviation, that Donald Trump has long been (s)elected as next president of the USA. Hillary Clinton’s role was to act as a distraction, the same way Johnny Boy McCain was for Kenyan. The powers that be knew very well that Hillary was unstable, and thus unsuitable for the office, but Trump has always maintained that he wouldn’t even fart unless given permission from Israel to do it, and even then, he’d employ a large number of people whose sole purpose was to determine in which direction he should fart to make sure not a single fart is let out without benefiting Israel.

      Consequently, a vote for Donald Trump was a vote for Hillary Clinton. They are one and the same, serving the same masters, with the only exception being that Donald Trump is more dedicated to servitude that Hillary.

      Obviously, everything went down exactly the way I said it would, because everything was predictable right from day one of campaigning. But I would never have believed Trump would have so many sheeple hoodwinked. Did the bleating herd learn nothing from Kenyan? Do they really allow the same people that hoodwinked them with Obama to hoodwink them with Trump in precisely the same fashion? Apparently so.

      When Kenyan was campaigning, there was no way in hell to beat any sense in Obama sheeple’s brains. They worshiped the puppet like he really was about to bring about change, LOL. And Trump sheeple are doing exactly the same thing today – worshiping their idol like he really is about to bring about change. LOL.

      As was the case with Obama sheeple, it’s clear that it will take 4 years for Trump sheeple to get it. So I’m making this thread for there to be the reference, so that at the end of Trump’s 4 first years, the sheeple can be reminded of how dumb they were 4 years ago, and that “I told them so“. Israel has never owned a White House puppet quite like Donald Trump. He’ll make America great for Israel again, no doubt about it.

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      Depressing that America had to choose between two utter fuck-ups…When the only (realistic) possible candidates to become president are them.. then it seems that to choice either one is no real choice at all..That’s not a democracy but a dictatorship

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