Prince Charles has Coronavirus

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      GDPR Harvester
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      They have to make it sound like the coronacircus is indiscriminate. How otherwise would they keep the public in perpetual fear?

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        GDPR Harvester

        I am 100% in agreement with you. He no more has the virus than I have tonight’s winning lottery ticket. Of course, aged 71 he will survive whilst (allegedly) a 21 year old girl who was as fit as a butcher’s dog (yeah yeah) has died from it. They are about as full of shit as the Ganges is. @happy

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      I will never forget my Japanese wife looking at his photo and saying “he looks like an unfeathered bird”

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      Lord Wankdust

      He is “working from home”. He hasn’t done a day’s work in his life. While the rest of the country is in lockdown, he has moved from London up to the royal estate at Balmoral in Scotland. Spreading his toxic breath onto innocent Scottish People.

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      Malvinas argentinas

      In my country, Argentina, there is so much psychosis in the sensationalist media that they inform us that very few healthy people will come alive in 2021. All because of this fashionable virus. I really don’t want to believe this. I want to have positive thinking, thinking about me, about my two daughters. But unfortunately the government and the pseudo-journalists give us little hope.

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        GDPR Harvester

        Believe me, the virus is the least of your coming worries as it’s a smokescreen; you need to look beyond it and see what’s going on.

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      wow I never even considered it wasn’t true. I can’t wait to share this with the girls *\–/*

      that’s about as well as it will go over too. why doesn’t she look like cheerleader?

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Shat meself laughing when I heard this this morning. Maybe he wants to fake his own death?
      So far the only people I’ve heard of having the corona are celebs, news presenters and on the news.
      Happily I can report that people are still out and about here after the new advice yesterday to only go out for essentials and exercise. Of course there is plenty of people shitting it and all. My roomie cut off all physical contact with his family nearly two weeks ago, lol! sorry bro.

      Fuckin Wuhan Shakedown !!!

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      Charlie may or may not have it but this has been a Godsend for the Brit Royals.

      Charlie to Queen,”Mummy, It will kill off some of those troublesome plebs wanting to hurt Poor Andy and seeing through us, the Royals!”

      Queen to Charlie,”Yes ,my Winged Heir ,Happy Days are here to come…”

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Full lockdown from midnight here. Only allowed out for essentials, no visits to family and we’re not allowed past a 2 mile radius of our dwellings. Great craic altogether, can’t wait to be homeless too! 🤗 lol

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      You couldn’t make this shit up. Prince Charles, despite his age, is out of isolation after only 7 days. That adrenochrome must be doing wonders to his health.

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        GDPR Harvester

        I still maintain he didn’t have it. Wouldn’t surprise me if Boris didn’t have it either though I must admit he is probably more expendable in the overall scheme of things.
        I say there’s more going on than meets the eye with this virus. America had grief with two nations in the last 6 months: China and Iran, and they were the first two places to get it. Make of that what you will but I gave up believing in coincidences where politics and world events are concerned a long time ago.
        Also, have you noticed? Whenever there is something serious out there none of the 1% of the 1% ever get it. It’s like they already had a vaccine for those diseases just for those people. Nah, it’s just a coincidence, isn’t it?

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          Of course he didn’t have it. None of the celebrities and other recognizable individuals who claim to have been infected with COVID-19 actually had it. It’s to control the plebs with fear.

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      hmmm how come UK isolate for 7 days and US 14days? (joke in there somewhere for sure)

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        One shouldn’t be concerned about the length of quarantine. However, one should be more concerned, regarding the lack of tests, that determines the quarantine results.

        How anyone can predict the peak of this virus, without adequate testing, is way beyond my realm of comprehension. Christ, we can’t even get enough masks out to the public, to help keep the virus down to a minimum. These two conditions alone, should raise a flag with everyone.

        See where I’m going with this? (manipulation of the masses)

        Sure, everyone knows someone who has this, right? (Tom Hanks, his wife etc.) But have you ever asked your neighbor, if they have been diagnosed with the virus?

        1) Never tested.
        2) Never given adequate protection.
        3) Never asked anyone themselves, because they live their lives in so much fear, they can’t think at all.
        4) If they were diagnosed, their whole community would demonize them.

        …which is EXACTLY, where they want their slaves!

        We, here in the states, have already been isolated, in terms of diplomacy with other nations, as well as ourselves. And by wrapping ourselves in the flag, we have given our permission for “The Patronage Act,” to sell off our civil liberties to the highest bidder.

        Yes, as disturbing as it is, I live in a sick society. One, that can be easily driven into fear and manipulation, denial and ultimately, isolation.


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      I know a lot of people in So. Cal and nobody knows anybody who is sick with these so called symptoms.
      I passed by UCI, St Joseph’s and 2 HOAG hospitals, they don’t look any busier than normal, maybe less busier actually.

      Since we’re not cooperating, their next scare tactic will probably be to make Magic Johnson or Jamie Foxx come out and say they have the coronavirus.

      Wait, no they’ll lie and say there are 2000 new cases of Coronavirus reported in L.A. today alone and that there’ll be double the amount of new cases within the next 30 hours, ya that’ll gettem scared.

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        Muja Mi Rona

        The PM in my country announced on the 16th of March that there will be 15,000 cases by the end of the month, today 2,910 cases. And I haven’t heard of anyone with covid 19. And the test is faulty anyway.
        I wonder how many vulnerable people with no family or friends are gonna be found rotting in their homes after this first lockdown eases?

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      GDPR Harvester

      I shall add my comments to the last few who have commented. I have been on the phone to friends and family, plus I have spoken to neighbours and people in general when I’ve been outside, and I’ve asked them all the same question. How many people do you know personally who have, or have had Covid-19? So far 100% have given me the same answer: None!!

      Authorities can report what they like; they can tell me 25% of the country is affected but if I don’t see it personally at some point I am going to call bullshit. At first I thought it was real but being waaaayyyyy over-hyped, being made to sound worse than it was; now, however, I am beginning to question the narrative completely and so, until I see with my own eyes someone I know who has got it, I’m in disbelief mode.

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        Hundreds of thousand people die everyday, its not hard to get a bunch of bodies and move them around and then load them up in a freezer truck in front of a hospital by a bunch of Hazmats.
        We all know what they’re capable of doing of trying to pull off.

        Their ultimate goal is to depopulate, doesn’t it sound silly that they’re so concerned about 7 billion of us and want us to be safe lol…

        Since I’m in a state that has such an alarming rate of new cases, I should know of at least 1 person that actually has symptoms.

        Trust me, I keep in contact with members of the Gardens Casino and Commerce Casino (L.A.County) and they send out texts to everyone they know as well, asking if they know of anyone who is sick from this, and the answer is still ZERO!!

        These are people who are shoulder to shoulder with lots of people in these casinos/card clubs, 95% Asian btw, handling chips that are being passed around, so trust me, I should know of at least one by now and I don’t.

        “Ok this person died of a heart attack, this one from liver disease, this one leukemia and this one from natural causes”

        “Great, we got 4 more CV victims, get it out there”

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      I feel the virus is real. but like you all I know of no one personally that has it . it doesn’t make me feel it doesn’t exist ,only blessed

      according to reports my area is seeing explosion of cases, nearing 7,000 in the state. however I was left uneasy by the films of people in hazmat suits swabbing cheeks in pop-up drive thru testing site in Detroit. looks like DNA snagging free-for-all. but it’s Detroit who wants it? why?

      last I heard they are turning largest convention hall into makeshift hospital to house 900 sickies and all of the big three retrofitted their machines to produce ventilators,not steering wheels

      I may be in the minority but I do believe people are indeed falling ill

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        Muja Mi Rona

        The virus is definitely real. It’s a newish virus of the coronavirus family of viruses, the common cold. Luckily hard bastards like myself don’t feel any effects.

        Media and gov are rigging the numbers and the propaganda is beyond belief.

        1,000 plus elderly and vulnerable die every day in the UK during every flu season.

        I woke up at dawn this morning snotting and sneezing…too much drink and feck all sleep. 😜 Was fine when I did eventually rise at 3pm.

        My countrymen are nothing but spineless jellyfish at best and the rest are traitors.

        I did overhear some disquiet on the town earlier though so hopefully we can start burning the place down soon! 😜 jk jk jk only messing, those is jokes.

        Fuck! I hate ranting! Give me meds NOW! 😂😂😂

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      Here’s my thoughts….

      said he, his mom and girlfriend have the coronavirus. He is in France. Maine has very few reported cases so far. The numbers are completely inflated.

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        GDPR Harvester

        Yeah, and I could say I’ve had it and recovered….like Prince Charles. The point I’m making isn’t necessarily that I’m lying, just that I may have had something that was thought to be CV. Was there a test or was it just assumed? Hollyeat and co. may have it or may not; again, not saying there are lies, just no way to know for certain. When they’re dropping like flies on my street I’ll be more inclined to accept it. When all I have are reports then I’m sceptical.

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