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      Watched the whole video. Well done, worth the watch. Thanks for sharing. Everyone should watch, even if already aware of the Jewish problem.

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        Thanks Mark, it was my pleasure.

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          Oy vey, you again with your islamophobic, racist, antisemitic conspiracy theories!

          Talking seriously now, if you browse down a little bit this forum you’ll find one of my posts where I share a recent documentary that was made last year and is called “Europa – The Last Battle”. It talks everything about jewish control over Europe, since the beginning. You’ll have to make notes but man, it is worth it. True knowledge. It has over 12 hours of content and it was very well produced, fancy stuff like The Greatest Story Never Told.

          There’s also a whole part talking about the Holocau$st®, which I recommend feeding it to bluepilled normies first. This documentary should be mandatory, you’ll love it. Here’s part 1:

          Notice how it was posted only a month ago, that’s because (((they))) keep shutting it down. And other parts are affected by that new censorship tactic that Youtube is using where there are no comments, no related videos, you can’t access the channel and that video will never appear in the related videos of another video.

          Here’s part 8 about the Holocaust:

          Take your time guys and watch it. Eye-opening mandatory documentary.

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          Thanks, I’ll check it out.

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      Never has there been a more foul or disgusting race than the Jew. They are more likely than not the single most repugnant and loathsome race on the planet, physically and mentally. Nature has had the good grace and foresight to fittingly place them into twisted and uncomely forms to reflect the sheer wretched evil lurking within. It has never been of my opinion that a race is more inclined towards evil than other races but lo I stand corrected. What we perceive as evil in them is to their ilk simply “kosher” (Pun intended).
      Throughout history, the greatest men have rightfully condemned the Jew and his foul works. He is a master of lies and deceit and a remorseless butcher given half the chance. Every nation that has taken the Jew in has summarily dispelled them as the Jew is incapable of gratitude. Perhaps there exists in the world some few Jews who are of a goodly bent but we cannot allow this to cloud our judgment as they are far and few between. Their very upbringing is intrinsically founded upon their unholy book the Talmud in which all non-Jews are perceived as subhumans and cattle. The Jew’s treachery knows no bounds and even his fellow Arabs aren’t safe from his scheming and inherent wickedness.
      As a whole, they are weak of character and adverse to honest or hard work. Too few among them hold dear such concepts as honor or decency and they slink through history on ill-begotten gains bewailing their perpetual victimhood with nary a thought as to why they hold the disdain and contempt of all they come into contact with.
      Their sick obsession with genital mutilation and ill-will towards children stretches back to the dawn of their foul existence when they would lay sacrificial infants in the statue meant to represent their dark god Moloch where the baby would be consumed alive in flames. Since the Middle-Ages there have been recorded documents of Jews stealing gentile children in the night like monsters from a fairy tale. The victims are then punctured and tortured and are often subject to genital mutilation and other atrocities after which their blood is drained into a basin that the Jews drink from in a satanically ritualistic fashion. This is not anti-Semetic slander, it is documented and proven fact and such ritual killings have continued even into the twentieth century.
      Gentlemen, it is our task, nay our sacred duty as the protectors of our women and children to expel these foul vermin from our lands. If we should fail, the future that awaits those we seek to protect has been glimpsed in small doses of hellish visions in which our women are forced to serve as sex slaves and our children, if not butchered will be groomed to work as beasts of burden or concubines. I say this not for hatred of Jews, some or all but for hatred of the foul deeds which they are want to commit upon the other races of man.

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        Lee, please refer to my comment above where I share the biggest and greatest documentary ever made about (((them))). It’s a recent one and if you haven’t seen yet, please watch it. Even those who are well aware of the JQ will learn a lot with that documentary, over 12 hours of content.

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      Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told!, Part 2
      C&P: Dennis Wise’s biographical documentary film on Adolf Hitler was originally released as 27 shorts — roughly 15-20 minutes each. In this version those 27 original films are spliced together into seven longer versions. The first six are roughly one hour long and the last is about 22 minutes. Part 2 covers the period from the signing of the treaty of Versailles to the attack on Pearl Harbor, focusing on the events and conditions that led to the rise of the Reich and inevitably war, including the fracturing of the German nation, the abominable treatment of the German people under the various occupying forces, the impossible-to-repay debt conditions, the utter corruption of the Wiemar Republic, and the Soviet menace.

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