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      Women want to be sluts, but if they give it away for free, they lower their value. A women is as valuable as her sexual allure, and her sexual allure is expensive as women make it by keeping their legs closed. Not only is this true for the individual, but the collective as well. Women know this, and shame any women giving it away too easily thus lowering the value of pussy. Women want to be sluts, and will do this at cosplay, Halloween and slutwalk, because thery wont be shamed; They can say “Just a costume’ ‘just activism’.

      Now let me talk about paying a prostitute or paying any female for any sort of affection or sexual gratification is to depreciate yourself. A man’s sexual need is his weakness.
      Any women benefiting from giving a man sex is exploiting him, whether it’s a hooker or a housewife. All sex workers are exploiters. In my eyes, All sex workers are pedophiles. They are in a position of great power and they exploit that dynamic.

      And when a man pays for these sexual favors, or porn or pays for cam shows, etc. He is debasing himself. He is allowing himself to be exploited. If a man did not have the crippling “weakness” of sexual need, he would not be handing money to a women for sex.

      In the same that encouraging a women to continue drinking, so that her social inhibitions are lower, to take advantage of her inebriated state to get sex from her, when she otherwise wouldn’t give it up, is considered by both men and women to be deplorable behavior. Feminists and even the law, now call it rape.

      When a man’s cock is throbbing, he is as in control of himself as the women too drunk to stand on her two feet. If the women who gave the man with the throbbing cock sex, but she did it to “take” something from him such as money, then he has been raped. A man with a throbbing cock can not be in the right mind state to handle money. Any taking of his money is, if not full blown rape, at the very least exploitation.

      Again, women in the sex industry………………. might as well be pedophiles, taking advantage of children who don’t know any better.

      Now I know a lot of my BG brothers are reading this and saying “JESUS, dude you weren’t kidding, you are extreme even for a MGTOW”.

      But here is the thing. Beneath the manly pride, I think we all know it is true. We know we are helpless slaves to our dick, and women know this and use it to their advantage. How many times have we all done something because we were horny, and after we climaxed, said “shit, I shouldn’t have done that, It was a mistake?”

      In the same way it is rape ( or if not rape at least exploitation) when a women puts out and then once sober, in the morning feels ill from what she did when she was not in her right state of mind. In many cases, that’s just how men are just from the hormonal intoxication of sexual arousal.

      To anyone who ever paid a hooker, purchased porn online, called a phone sex girl, or something like that. Let me ask you, would you have done it if you were not horny at the time? This is no different than asking a women “That sex you gave dude last night, would you have done it if sober”? and she answers “no” – society calls that rape.

      Like-wise with us men.

      I’m not saying we should push to make it law , “Rape”, when a women accepts money from a man for sexual favors. And I only say that because of such difficulty it would be enforcing such laws. So I don’t expect sex workers to get locked up for rape just because she took advantage of his sexual needs and she raped his wallet, I don’t expect it to be law but ethically, it is rape.

      A woman who is sex worker is a sexual predator. She prays on men’s libido, his sexual vulnerability, his coercing a man out of his money, exploiting her power dynamic, like a pedophile coercing a child with gifts and candy.

      And again, I think under our pride, beneath our masculine facade, I think we know this. I think when it comes to sex, us men are just naive vulnerable children.

      Now I want to talk about legalized prostitution.

      I think it ought to stay illegal and here is why…………….

      I want you to imagine, here in the U.S. that prostitution is legalized on a federal level. Prostitution will be run by companies….
      There will be no anonymity to the client. Of course the whores themselves will have every measure of anonymity and protection possible. Clients will be forced to hand over every bit of contact information. Giving the whore, and her contractor – the company, and perhaps all coworkers, your information.

      Then there will come the need for all kinds of licenses. And then safety, safety, safety, all sorts of bureaucracy.
      Everything you do with a whore can be called rape at anytime. Her word is always taken.

      These women will do what women do; demand safety and protection. They will demand it from the companies and demand the government force the companies to give them more safety and protection.

      What you will end up getting is prostitution being controlled by a conglomeration of greedy exploitative capitalists who want to harvest your wallet and data, feminist who want to make sure these whores can call rape at the drop of a hat,and a government that feels the need to erect a entirely new agency to deal with the prostitution industry.

      I want you to imagine a whole new agency like the FCC, AFT, EPA, FTC or FDA. A whole new agency to regulate the feminist supported prostitution industry.

      Dear libertarians, you think the government has its hand in peoples business now? You seen shit until you see prostitution regulated on a federal level.
      And of course, when the health and disease becomes an issue, and the women are required to have this and that medical screening, and the clients are required to have medical screening, and the government starts forcing medical coverage into the industry…….again, it’s a libertarians worst nightmare.

      And because this is a safe way for women to exploit men, and perfectly legal and taxes, taxes, taxes and governments watching their own backs….. Black market prostitution will be severely illegal. They will amp up prosecution and the penalty to the point of buying a hooker anonymously in the back alley will mean you are paying $500.00 bucks to fuck a bitch with aids. And if you are caught you’ll do 10-20. You’ll get one choice of government regulated hooker……A dystopian nightmare.

      So in conclusion:
      Sex workers are horrible exploiters of male weakness. I detest them as I do pedophiles. Men should attempt to stop paying in any way, for sex and affection from a women. I know I know, it sounds a lot like victim blaming but men need to stop allowing women to exploit them. A house wife is a long term hooker and a hooker is a short term rent-a-wife.

      There are ways men can get sexual relief by means were a women does not benefit ( I.E. no exploitation of men). But that is a big subject for another topic.

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