Proud Boys – Fake Nationalists Who Want Communism and Police State Oppression

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      These are the pro-Israel Proud Boys who support white genocide, and Zionist one world government with China style communism system but doubled down with Palestine like police oppression. Their objectives are in line with UN’s Agenda 21/2030, ie exterminating much of the world’s population, complete elimination of the European white race, and herding the remaining mixed race in police controlled concrete jungles without land ownership, ie gulags with a 21st century touch.

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      This is exactly the purpose of covid 19. Covid 19 is cover in order to implement agenda 21/2030. The second industrial revolution. Everyone in a city being spied on by 5G. The Great Reset, depopulation.

      Defund the police? What’s this all about? It’s about creating a global police force. World police.

      Proud boys were created by a Canadian shill, Gavin McInnes, who used to work for a Jew in Canada who owns Rebel Media named Ezra Levant.

      Rebel media is controlled opposition, fake representation of the right wing.

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      You both are so-incredibly right. This has been going-on behind the scenes for ye,,, wait,, for Decades-Man, not years. 🙁 And i know that @Theprotocolsofzion knows about Richie From Boston but i am not sure about Mark.
      So i have decided to post a few of his Very-Informative video’s related to this Agenda 21 and it’s goal/purpose.

      So Here are 18 video’s helping everyone better understand what this Agenda 21 is really all about & it’s not good 🙁

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