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      I’ve heard a lot of people saying it was a hoax because no ones ever seen pics of the bodies, and I can’t help but notice there are no photos online (that I can find) showing any of the victims or even any blood. This strikes me as odd, especially when you look back at how well photo documented the carnage in France was. Does anyone know of such pictures existing?

      Also, sorry if I’m posting this on the wrong area. I’ve never used the forums here before, usually just come to see fucked up shit on my lunch break 🙂

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      Zo Malone

      I’ve been following very closely as well, and I have also never used the forums. I actually made an account just to post in the forums about this topic. I posted in @Acneska’s previous thread about the Orlando shooting asking for more info. I guess we just have to be patient. c:

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      Don’t wanna promote another site but a day or two ago I actually found some snapchat vids of inside the club during and right after the shooting. definitely real dead people everywhere. Not that I questioned that, it’s just good to know when you have a government like ours.

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