Putin EXPOSES The WW3 Plan

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      The Russians have developed a weapons system that can render any, and all, of NATO’s Weapons their “THAAD & AEGIS” defensive Systems included, useless, and Dead in the Water. The Russians new “Khibini” An advanced weapon that the world has never seen yet, can shut down, and disable anything including The U.S. Mainland, therefore frying all of their power grid, and bringing their entire Country to a grinding halt. This devastating weapon, and it’s deployment would incapacitate the entire U.S. and would take them decades to recover from the devastation. This is why they have been building hundreds of huge FEMA Camps, and they have purchase hundreds of thousands of plastic coffins that can hold 4 to 5 people in each one. They, and their owned & controlled Mass Media, has been ordered to keep tight lipped about this, as the panic that would ensue from their military personal, and public at large finding out about this would be EPIC, and a fucking disaster. They have no counter measures able to shut down this new Electro-Magnetic Pulse Radiation Weapon,,, NONE.

      The Russian Military is not to be Fucked Around with, especially now since they have the upper hand in their Advanced Electronic Warfare Systems, that would take decades for The U.S. to even come close to catching up with.

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