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      Turd Flinging Monkey – European men, stop looking at the Muslims and look at your WOMEN!

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      Empty soul

      The brain-dead fuckwits in this video seem to accept the “rightwing” tactics deployed against “targets”(demonise and deny) but appear to disagree with the target itself.

      “Don’t take away rights for Muslims and blacks etc, take them away from women instead. They are the real enemy”. Yawn.

      The above completely ignores the fact that Muslims and blacks are culturally incompatible with white society and white civilisation as evidenced by every single fucking problem they bring.

      Most Muslims and niggers are on welfare anyway therefore they do not contribute at all and this is easily evidenced via state recorded welfare demographics.

      The East-Asians work themselves to the bone on average. So do the whites and the Indians etc. But not the niggers and the Mussies. This creates the scenario wherein certain races are adored and others hated, as it should be in a meritocracy.

      Therein lies my issue in that I want a meritocracy. Wherein opportunity is widespread but promotion limited to achievers.

      The above is where the video fuckwits fail because white women, as a race and gender, utterly outperform Muslim and nigger women easily.

      I don’t disagree that some white women are unredeemable sell-out tramps but the white man must come to agreement with his own women if he is to promote his own kind.

      I therefore prefer to educate my own women rather than turn against them thus allowing Muslims and niggers to gain ground and destroy us.

      To conclude. One needs a con-generic war to maintain territorial integrity and promote fightback because without national identity there is no nationwide fightback. Merely an acceptance of concurrent differences.

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        Stfu dude. The only fuckwit is you, which explains your misapprehension of the subject. Again, for being smart you sure are dumb as fuck.

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      White jews recieve more welfare than any niggers……lol. Keep deflecting you racist piece of shit. “Europe will turn black”- Gadhafi

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      You and your so called hard working women are too busy working and failed to create offspring, now your country needs immigrants to fill the void……. The immigrants come and get free stuff, off the hard labor from you, yet you say they are fuckwits? Lol. Looks to me that it is you doing all the work for them to kick it, is the fuckwit. Now get back to work slave.

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      Empty soul

      White people prefer to have smaller families to increase overall social advancement and civilisation whereas niggers and Muslims etc prefer to procreate like rabbits and live in ghettos. Fuckwit brain-dead dirty stinking ghettos.

      Yep. The above is true I guess.

      “Stfu dude. The only fuckwit is you, which explains your misapprehension of the subject. Again, for being smart you sure are dumb as fuck“.

      In other words, “shutyplop. Pruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup. Stfu ya big meany, eh eh eh, lol. Smarty brains. Pruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup. Shutyplopppy pants. Prooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop. Lol, eh eh eh.”.

      Wow. Such intelligence. I admire you. I really do. Fuck me. However did you get so amazingly intelligent.

      The population of Japan is deceasing too factually speaking yet under your argument that makes them less intelligent and less advanced than the ever increasing Nigerians and Sudanese.

      Wow, what a fucking brain box you are. You are an absolute champ. Lol.

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        Coming from the self contradicting, deflecting pseudo-intellectual. To conclude, you once again, MISAPPREHEND the subject, and make claims off your interpretations. Now get back to work, immigrants are depending on you.

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          Empty soul

          I misapprehended nothing. I merely disagreed with the target the fuckwits in this video chose, not their tactics.

          The point of their video was to say that blacks and Muslims are perfectly fine in any number so long as they behave whilst white women are not so let’s take away white women’s rights.

          Whereas my argument was that whilst white women do have problems we need to fix filling our countries up with blacks and Muslims is a ridiculous thing to do because they procreate without any consideration given to sustainment thus driving down standards and increasing crime. London England being a good example of what I am talking about here since the place is now like a Mad Max movie but with the gangs and bandits comprised of blacks and Muslims instead of whites.

          In the above, fixing the white women but keeping out the blacks and Muslims would have been the best thing to do.

          The idea that decreasing populations need to be constantly refilled with foreigners is also ridiculous for many reasons. For the first world however it is a fact that we are living in an age where technology is taking more and more jobs off the market and future automation is predicted to take away even more therefore smaller populations will not be a burden like you seem to think, it will be a boon and a necessary one at that. In this scenario adding more useless welfare surfing blacks and Muslims into the equation will bring the country down faster than anything.

          I could go on and on but it would be a waste of time as you clearly would love nothing better than for white countries to fall and fail which is why you promote open borders and Trojan horse tactics against whites.

          Perhaps you think if the whites get pulled down life will be more equal for blacks and Muslims etc. Lol. What with China and India now emerging as the next global giants there is not a fucking chance that blacks and Muslims will get a look in. In fact they will have it far worse under the above races rule than they did under the white one.

          To conclude on your own statement,

          “Now get back to work, immigrants are depending on you“.

          Not anymore they aren’t. I voted for the British Brexit so our immigrants are going bye bye.

          Unlike the sell-out self hating French and Germans the people of Britain will not put up with lazy niggers etc. We are going to stop future ones coming and we are going to make the lives of those currently here so unliveable and so horrible that they get driven out by force. We also sit back and do nothing when the niggers kill each other in record numbers which keeps their numbers down.

          It also helps that white Eastern Europeans comprise the majority of our immigrants so getting bred out by blacks and Muslims is not going to happen to us.

          The rightwing is also rising and gaining traction all across Europe each and every year all thanks to uncontrolled immigration. Woops. Too bad.

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          I cannot see Brexit happening .All major politicians and parties in the UK are wed to Globalisation and the EU.
          Look at all the obstacles put in its path since it occured; glacial pace of “negotiation”,court challenges and the US and the EU are against it.

          To all intents and purposes,barring a radical event ,i wont be holding my breath.

          P.S I thought Brexit was a great idea. In the main i was a supporter of multilateral supranational bodies. No more!

          I saw them either be coopted or trodden underfoot by Uncle Sam so not of much use to any second -tier Western country.
          Now i just want my country’s sovereignty back.


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          Us MGTOW just want our individual sovereignty back, we do not care about a country that obviously is not ours.

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          Oh you do misapprehend buddy, you ABSOLVE white women especially of any accountability , because you are a mangina, pedestalling whiteknight chump. You ARE an enemy to men because you have no loyalty to your gender. You put race, nationalism, and even the female before your brothers……Yeah dude you are not wise one bit. I also enjoy how you can call the men in the video fuckwits but when I tell you to shut the fuck up, you insinuate that that my phrases are indicative of lesser intelligence….. Yeah you are a hypocrite, I keep showing you how and you still deny.

          also, we all know you secretly want the white race to work as hard as the Japanese and we all know you hate immigrants only because you have to see them. Your bring the same tired STATS AND BS to the arguments, And you deflect from facts, Now kindly, seriously get the fuck on dude, I don’t like you. You create the problems you complain about.

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      GDPR Harvester

      I guess this is the video that pissed of Itsplaster. I can’t add much to this discussion @llyounghitlerll as Empty Soul already touch much of its points and I agree with him in most. I could perhaps say instead of taking women rights, give men more rights so they wouldn’t be so scared to start a family. The moment you have a kid here in the west you’re fucked! You are hostage of that cunt for the rest of your life. I’m not in favor of completely closed borders, but there is no need for more people. If governments wants kids so much, it should take responsibility for them. Man should have the right to opt out of parenthood if in the beginning of gestation and equal rights when it comes to raising the kids. I do believe some cultures are better than others but culture is not a static thing. Praising too much of its owns culture may prevent it from improving with is extremely necessary for the advancement of a society. I doubt you can educate women so easily @empty-soul, we need laws to safeguard the future.

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        Of course you agree with him. Do you think we MGTOW expect the majority or even a fraction of the people to agree with us? We are not new to this. TFM has many other videos on the subject and many of my brother sites like GYOW and MGTOW.COM hold similar views as us mgtow. This is not about trying to convert you, or see who agrees with who. It is about spreading OUR views. We are growing, that is all that matters to me. Weather you and E.S. want immigrants or not….You are got em and it is because you fail to address the cause. MGTOW care about future and the young males in it, so we as usual, approach abstract ideas and reasoning. Sitting around doing the same things, blaming the same people have only caused you all, us all, grief. Now I do agree with alot of what you say in theory. E.S. thinks I am open boarders, and pro immigrant but actually I am not. I am pro-self Responsibility. If we do not make women be responsible than I find contradiction in making men, regardless of skin color, responsible. MGTOW walk away, we take our tax dollars and say fuck the state. NO IMMIGRANTS GETTING OUR SUBSIDIES. Of course that is the most extreme ones that ghost the system, like me. Men could learn alot from mgtow and save their lineage before worrying about some stupid land. This is the post modern world. such things do not matter except to prideful men and government. Want to win? Go MGTOW

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          GDPR Harvester

          Thanks Younghitler, as you said, is not about wining an argument but sharing ideas. MGTOW, as the name itself indicates, are very diverse among themselves but is always good to learn more. That was some fine reading and I appreciate your effort to help your fellow man. I will look on those sites.

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