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    Does anyone really listen to real hip-hop A.K.A Rap anymore? like none of that bullshit that’s played today, like 90s mid 2000’s & underground rap?

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    yeah bro. but i only like stuff before 2000’s really ๐Ÿ˜› who do you like to listen to?

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    The stuff now is garbage except for a few I’m listening to ab-soul right now. The rest makes my head hurt my speaking ghetto pass I let pass a few years ago when I went to college. Not sure I’m ready to try to take the test again to be able to understand ghetto language again.

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    long silverwood johnson
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    very few rappers now a days are worth listening to. One new rapper who isn’t to bad would be Dave East, he was signed by Nas. Check out “let it go” by dave east. I just love the violin beat on that song. But uhm i would assume you enjoy listening to rappers such as Immortal Technique ? He will always be one of my favorite underground rappers. Check him out if you haven’t heard of him. He’s a beast and he never sold him self out to a record deal.

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    $uicideboy$ just youtube them, worth a shot and theyre from my homestate

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    Deric Wilson-Mahil
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    How about looking up some underground rappers instead of trying to find good mainstream rappers.

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    SubstanceJake Hill.
    Alpha OmegaMachine Gun Kelly.
    White AmericaEminem.
    Mr. HappyInsane Clown Posse.
    Ill Mind of Hopsin 8Hopsin.
    Professional Rapper – Lil Dicky/Snoop Dogg.
    I Mean ItG-Eazy/Remo.
    BombtrackRage Against the Machine.
    No DiggityBlackstreet/Dr. Dre.
    G.O.M.D.J. Cole.
    Out of My MindB.O.B./Nicki Minaj.
    It Wasn’t MeShaggy. ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)
    0 to 100/The Catch UpDrake.
    FlySugar Ray/Supercat.
    No Role ModelsJ. Cole.
    Up Like TrumpRae Sremmurd.
    Under PressureLogic.
    Random G-Eazy.
    AssholeRonnie Radke/Andy Biersack.

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    I listen to mostly new wave rap.
    I’m a young man enjoying silly music. Ayeee

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    [] โ„‚ K ะ ะ›
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    Esham, Natas, Dice, Pervert Pastor (all Detroit) are to my liking.

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    [] โ„‚ K ะ ะ›
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    One of my fav Paddy rap tracks.

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    Deric Wilson-Mahil
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    Not my favourite genre, as I find quality limited, but I can easily run a bit of late 80s and early 90s; NWA, Beastie Boys, Eric B & Rakim, Ghostface Killah etc.

    The only two current rappers on my hitlist are Brits; Akala, for his content; Ocean Wisdom, more for the beats, flow and mashups than any interest in the content.

    Different end of the spectrum and not within the ‘genre’, but I’d also throw in Zach de a Rocha; whether in Rage Against The Machine, One Day as a Lion etc.

    On a wider level, I can respect plenty of artists in the genre without listening to them per se; if the lyricist has content and is saying something tangible (ie Immortal Technique) all good, but if the content is just “bitches, hos, guns, new money” then they can usually fuck off as it doesn’t interest me.

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    A few underground acts to check out if you haven’t already…

    -G-Mo Skee (my personal favorite at the moment, super dope)
    -Leak Bros
    -Yak Ballz
    -Eyedea & Abilities
    -Blu & Exile
    -Camu Tao
    -Run The Jewels
    -Jedi Mind Tricks
    -Army of The Pharaohs
    -Playboy The Beast
    -Lo Key
    -Madd Maxxx
    -The Jokerr

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      [] โ„‚ K ะ ะ›
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      I only know Run The Jewels from your list. Dope. I’ll check out some of these cats.

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    Dicken Myas
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    All these rappers, and no one mentions Lil B?

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    MC 5-Piece Lunch Box just dropped his new album. Go buy it on iTunes.
    Ft. appearances by Yung Pissy Pance, DJ Rim Job, DJ Black Asshole, Greezy Lyps, Ape-2-Ape, Fro Ryda, Patayta Pankake w/MC Dum Fuk.

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    I don’t know what you consider rap but in 1985 I was listening to Whodini, U.T.F.O., LL,
    Run-DMC and all the rap from that era. Go figure, a 15 year old whiteboy growing up on a farm listening to this.

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    Lord Wankdust
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    By The Time I Get To Arizona

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    Lord Wankdust
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    Rebel Without A Pause

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    Necro,Ill Bill,Slaine,Vinnie Paz (JMT), Mr.Hyde,Everlast, LA Coka Nostra, Sabac, Celph Titled.

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    [] โ„‚ K ะ ะ›
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    ‘I hate you, I hate me too.’

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