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      I have to admit, this put me in an absolute fit of giggles 😀 “Oh my good Lord!”

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      You must be lying, women aren’t funny and have no sense of humor. Quit deflecting. 😛

      But really, that made me titter. (Only because people look at me when I laugh out loud)


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        @illegalsmile55 I had to hide my face while I was giggling, like a geisha, of course… y’know because I like to be in control of my face at all times.

        The best part was when her hat flew off!

        Also, stfu!

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          Watch it or I’ll start a thread about you. 😛

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      Seraphim Serenata


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      GDPR Harvester

      Very nice of you not to shoot her. She clearly deserved. 😛

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        She’s obviously the kind of whore that started the whole feminism cult, give ’em the vote and watch society burn. 😉

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      Empty soul

      For a computer game that was quite real and hilariously true.

      First, a question gets posed. Then a debate of sorts takes place. Before finally, a fist meets a chin and the argument gets brought to a swift conclusion.

      Such is the reality of democracy. Democracy after all is bludgeoning because it is majority rule regardless of the socio-political positioning.

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      Where’s his skateboard?

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      He Made me laugh yet he personifies all the shit I hate in people of a certain generation from certain countries.

      Cool graphics though. I really must start playing games!


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      Lord Wankdust

      Over here on the stinky side of the pond the Suffrage Movement was hijacked by the Suffragettes. The Suffrage Movement wanted the voting franchise to move to Universal Suffrage (a vote for all men and women regardless of wealth or property). Millicent Fawcett was their head and she truly wanted a more egalitarian society because in the late 19th Century only the Rich got the vote in Britain (eg in Scotland there were only 4,500 registered to vote from a population of 2.8 Million). You had to live in a property (and own or rent it) which was over a certain (massive) rate able value. Only one vote per such property. The Rich had it sewn up.

      The Suffragettes led by Emmeline Pankhurst wanted to continue as per the status quo (ie. The Rich List) but to extend the vote to rich women over 30 as well. No poor people to get the vote. The Universal Suffrage Movement threw Pankhurst out (Pankhurst famously said to Millicent Fawcett “If you were in my organistion I would have you sacked quicker than I sack my cook”) When the Representation of the People Act was put in Law in 1918 all men over 21 got the vote.
      Also in 1918 Pankhurst got her way and that same law allowed rich women over 30 with property got the vote. So what did the Suffragettes have to complain about? They got their way. No wonder that Cowboy gave her a punch.

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      Good one.

      Should women have the right to vote, or take part in politics at all? Here’s some food for thought.

      The above video was censored by JewTube and thrown in the limbo, for no reason whatsoever. Nothing new about that. The reason is pretty clear actually, since social media is investing heavily in the censorship of all kinds of politically incorrect opinions. Too bad you can’t read the comments anymore, since there were pretty good arguments and discussions. There always are in videos of this kind.

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