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    Hey, a few days ago I started getting this spammy pop-up ad redirecting me from the bestgore site on my mobile devices, iphone and android tablet.


    I can’t view the site on either device but all the other sites I open work fine. Is anyone else having problems?

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    Vincit Omnia Veritas
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    I’ve heard this happens on Iphones, but no other devices. I’m looking into it.

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      Cheers @happy, thanks! Wanted to check with others in case it was just my devices with the problem.

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    happens on my iphone 5s and my android tablet as well and both i use chrome to browse. this just started within the last few days. on my laptop (chrome also) it seems normal… at first i suspect perhaps my android got a virus but when it also redirected on my iphone i suspect possibly it might be on the server end?? because on my iphone i NEVER click on anything at all. the only thing i do on it ever is watch youtube, bestgore and that’s it. literally nothing else.

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    BG on old trusty Doogee still going strong bahaha fuck all of your expensive breakable devices… My horse can walk on mine and I will still have an intact screen. No I don’t want to test that claim…

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    The problem has disappeared now for me 😄 Not sure if anything had to be done backstage but if so, thanks @happy!

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    Porn ads gone haywire lately too. Bring back Customize Your Puta! 😜

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