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    Vincit Omnia Veritas
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    As men the world over are waking up, a crowd-sourced registry of women false accusers has been set up to have a permanent database for females who use the fact that both society and legal system privilege women to their advantage with a goal to ruin honest men’s lives.

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    Lord Wankdust
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    She spent two months in jail for falsely accusing a guy of raping her. He had spent four years in jail before he was released.

    You just couldn’t tire of kicking that bitch. You could wear out a pair of hiking boots kicking that.

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      Mos Deth
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      Yet another hatchet you wouldn’t care to bury?

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    Good resource. Shame the bitches.

    We recently had a very public court case here in NI in which a young lady accused 2 Rugby players of raping her. The 2 fellas names were absolutely raked through the mud during the long process. They were both acquitted of all charges but have since been released from their local and national Rugby contracts, so their lives have been effectively ruined.


    Now, I’m not saying either way what happened that night, only those who were there know that, but people should know who this woman is. They say that releasing her information would stop other victims of sexual assault coming forward with information. I say that if fear of publicity stops you reporting a rapist, they probably should have raped you harder.

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      Hoping for Nemesis
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      I have experience of this and posted it somehwere here only about a month ago. A distant family friend accused a bloke of rape. She lied! Her brother then maimed this guy who was innocent! She went to court but recanted, said it was a lie. Too late. Innocent man was maimed ,her brother went to jail,her brother now has psycho issues and guilt at maiming an innocent and his job prospects are mud and he wont talk to sister for duping him, her name is mud!

      Ladies,never ever falsely accuse a man of rape, ever!


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        Mr Spock
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        @Hoping for Nemesis,

        What a sequence of events. I do have some questions:
        1. how did the brother maim the other fellow? Acid attack? Break his legs with a sledgehammer?
        2. Was the other fellow a Chad? (womens’ short-term dating strategies are with Chads who treat them like shit, lol. I’ll bet it is mostly Chads that are the victims of false-rape-claim, as those are the ones women are most likely to have sex with, in their prime).
        3. How old was this woman? I’ll bet she was in her 20s or 30s, where the sense of entitlement of attention from males is at its peak.

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        Hoping for Nemesis
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        Right on almost all levels. Bit his ear off and broke arms and legs. Her brother is bull-necked, six three and solid muscle, yes boyfriend was a chad youngish fellow,yes she was late twenties! Very immature! She has moved on to a large degree with all the resilience beautiful girls in their late twenties can muster but her brother and victim have life-long issues. Not bad for being the victim,huh!!

        A sad sad story.


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        Mr Spock
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        <<<<Smug mode>>>>>
        Ha! I got it right! 2 out of 3 ain’t bad
        <<<<End of smug mode >>>>>

        Well it is a sad story. Agreed.

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    about fucking time.

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