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      In case there is still doubt in any NPC’s mind about the true purpose of the fraud Donald Trump, let me remind you that as the epitome of the “enemy within”, Drumpf called for more mass immigration and ethnic cleansing of whites, when he said the immigrants are needed to fill jobs, even though there already are more people in America than can be employ:

      We want to have the companies grow and the only way they’re going to grow is if we give them the workers and the only way we’re going to have the workers is to do exactly what we’re doing.


      NumbersUSA, who tracks the demographic displacement of Americans from their homeland via globalist ethnic cleansing policies wrote:

      Meanwhile, as Trump calls for more legal immigration into America, American households posted the largest decline in net worth since the 2008 financial crisis. From CNBC:

      Net worth dropped to $104.3 trillion as the year came to an end, a decrease of $3.73 trillion from the third quarter, according to figures released Thursday by the Federal Reserve. The fall amounted to a drop of 3.4 percent.


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      If you love either side, you are being played.

      Donad Trump Same as Barack Obama

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      I don’t know why so many pro-white folks shill for him. He sucked cut kike cock 24/7 both before and after his election, declares himself to be Jesus Christ reborn, tries to declare judaism as a nationality, sends billions of dollars to israel, as well as steals parts of Palestine and Syria to give to it.

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      While you were distracted by the coronavirus and the impeachment political theater, Donald Trump, the most anti-American president in history of America, signed the USMCA:

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