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      This is one of the most disturbing stories I have ever came across. I woke up in middle of the night wide awake and chose total wrong thing to lull me back to sleep

      Just yesterday I signed up for $1 a month patreon of channel I like. This video was on there, condensed and with commentary but I am unable to share but found this unedited full length version so you could take a look

      This happened back in 2006. I had never heard any of it and frankly it left me rather heartbroken

      Simple web search should bring up details but the quick backstory is this. This kid’s ex-roomate along with his father busted into the house and shot Ryan in the face and his girlfriend Heather on the couch. Apparently Ryan failed to show for Christmas dinner so his dad called police to go and do welfare check

      Cops arrive and find girlfriend dead and toss Ryan into back of police car. They call EMTs to declare girl dead but they never look over Ryan who looks like he got shit beat out of him, and currently sits in back of cop car

      They drag this poor kid into interrogation room for 6 hours all the while kid has 4 bullet holes in his face with bullet lodged in his brain. Proceed to interrogate him for an hour until cop gets up and takes look at him and summons fire dept to examine him

      It is absolutely disgusting this went on as it did. He obviously had concussion and even if cop couldn’t tell he was shot he should have been examined way back at the house

      I found conflicting reports, some say 2 eyes but at the very least after finally being taken to hospital (report shooting happened 2 days prior to even being discovered)he had to have eye and chunk of brain removed. Needless to say guy was never the same and several years later died of seizure, no doubt caused by his traumatic brain injury

      In so far as I read no cop was ever held to account or even reprimanded for failing to have this kid examined by medical personnel. Not sure if the family even sued. It is all for naught , their son is dead.

      His dad put the video up. RIP

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      I can’t stomach dumbfuck doctors ,cops and politicians. Useless and deserving of a good birching in public.

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        I read “birching” and thought it meant beating someone with branches from a birch tree and it sure does! 😀

        This guy’s story left me gutted. It really hit hard. See all sorts of wrongs here and elsewhere but this one really tore at my soul. I am feeling better now but something about this kid I will not ever forget

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      That is some crazy-shit desp. Man-O-Man that poor kid was made to suffer so incredibly bad that i would not stop hunting down, and harassing these cops until they had nervous breakdowns those fucking dummies.

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        @thedre it is so sad to me. Had he just been checked out back at house, who is to say? 🙁

        Then I get mad. If you read the dad’s youtube comment this boy had been photographed up close and personal 43 times before ever getting into that room, a whole 6 hours later.

        Not sure if it was comments or commentary but he was discovered in giant pool of blood, 2 days after the fact. He was in that white suit cause his blood soaked clothes were removed. Do you know how many people he passed through that not only didnt realize he had been shot twice in the face but didn’t even think it important to have doctor or nurse look him over?

        Then enter the detective. It was brutally obvious this guy had head injury. The confusion, the cries for sleep. Another one who didnt know he was shot but clearly he was in no condition to be interviewed and yet he kept pushing and pressing on and on

        What if he had died right there? Would this kid have went down for the brutal execution of his girlfriend? All of it so fucking wrong. And not one cop held accountable for any of it

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          43 times up close and personal!. Those cops were just drawing a paycheck or absolutely out of the police force in “The Dukes of Hazzard”.

          Like I said ,a public birching in public ,all their white pasty arses quivering and red with welts. Fuck them!

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      Lord Wankdust

      Birching was still used up until the 1970s on the strange geographical and political oddity the Isle of Man which floats off the Lancashire Coast halfway between Ireland and the North of England.

      I remember in the 1970s some Glaswegian Teenagers being taken back to the Isle of Man to take their birching for drunken attacks on tourists on the IoM. They had their trousers and pants taken down, held by each arm by two IoM Policemen who then bent the criminal over a chair or table while a Third Policeman administered the thrashing with strong Birch Staves to their trembling criminal, scaredy-cat buttocks.

      Apparently it was very painful and in the 30 year history of the last “bircher” there were NEVER ANY repeat offenders.

      Birching was suspended in the 1970s on the Isle of Man but remained on their statute books until the Millenium.

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        Thanks as I didn’t know that. I was caned in school(only two or three sep occasions) as a child and i don’t think i am any the worse for it.

        In serious crimes or repetitive small social-duty infractions of the same type ,a good birching or caning should be part and parcel of the punishment.

        I always had a fascination with both the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. One day…


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      Lord Wankdust

      @hopingfornemesis In Scotland the belt (or tawse) was used. I was belted throughout my school life. I never did anything wrong really either. Many teachers didn’t use the tawse, but instead relied on good humour and the building of good relationships with their pupils and classes. Other teachers were borderline psychotics and would belt whole classes or “all the boys” for things like talking during a lesson.
      The actual tawse was a manufacturing success story for the town of Lochgelly in the Kingdom of Fife, SCOTLAND where they were made.

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        Weapon of choice at my school was chalkboard eraser. I can still see the plumes of chalk smoke wafting from Erik’s head. It was feverish beatdown but rather harmless, aside from ego. I almost said human teachers hehe the teachers who were not nuns would just banish the unruly to the hallway and somehow the principal knew they were out there and after a talk allowed back in. Only the nuns used erasers

        The students caught chewing gum would have to wear it on their nose, that was universal 😀

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      Lord Wankdust

      @desp I had a teacher called Miss Scott who wore a long flappy black teaching gown (which rendered her slightly nun-like). She once reacted to a certain Jeannie Ar***r who was laughing and giggling at the back of the class. Miss Scott turned and warned Jeannie to be quiet, then turned to continue writing on the blackboard. Jeannie continued talking, laughing and let rip a really loud fart. Miss Scott spun round lifting a blackboard duster as she did so, and launched the blackboard duster (felt pad on a 6 inch wooden block) which sailed with uncanny speed and accuracy to the back of the class where it struck the laughing Jeannie right in the middle of the forehead. Jeannie slumped to the floor unconscious. The School Nurse was called and Jeannie was stretchered from the room with blood leaking from a split on her forehead.
      We were genuinely impressed.

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        Ha! I love it great story! I basically went to school with same kids 1st through 8th grade . Only a handful moved away with a few add-ins. We were well behaved bunch , only three were “bad kids” that stirred up trouble, swiftly dealt with

        Most went on to Catholic high school, I went to public. My bond was far greater with elementary kids and I would welcome seeing any of them

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        Haha. The Duster Volante from the Flying Nun.Epic!

        Tawse? Has a hint of ” hawser” about it doesn’t it, thick rope and thus belt -like , rather than a solid cane or birch -branch. Nice .


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