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      Say something that will make him/her

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      Say What????

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      This thread was created on the 7th and I didn’t even see it until now. The @eraserhead-2 didn’t send any notifications to me for some reason, and the activity feed here at BG has been pretty busy these last few days.

      Yes, I have seen the trailer and some gameplay. It seems this Sekiro game will be a japanese themed Dark Souls, or at least very close to that. There will also be stealth in the game, which is always a plus to me since I really love stealth, and there’s also lots of climbing on top of objects and buildings. I didn’t see anything wrong with the game, but to be honest I don’t have any will to play it.

      At the moment, regarding games, I plan to play The Witcher trilogy, but I will only do that after I finish reading The Witcher saga (8 books). After that, which will take some time because The Witcher trilogy can offer more than 400 hours of gameplay if you play the right way, I still have lots of good games to play, so these new games being released will have to wait.

      Now talking about games which will still be released, the only ones I’m really positive about are Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and Cyberpunk 2077. But then again, I couldn’t care less if they will be released 1 year from now or 3 years because my list of things to play is huge and I actually prefer to play new games at least some months after they have been released due to updates, patches, fixes and mods. These two games I mentioned will actually be very mod-friendly according to the developers, so there’s no need for me to hurry.

      What about you my friend, what are your impressions about Sekiro, what have you been playing lately and what do you plan to play in the near future?

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