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    Arthur Blackcrow
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    Hey, a not-so-new viewer of BG. I was wondering, why not a topic only for selfharm? I mean, apart for the masochism itself or body mods. Just scars, burns and all that stuff. I would reeeeeally enjoy it.

    Also, I thinked a lot in trying to upload some content (selfharm) to the page, but I don’t know if someone would be interested or it’s just me the one that wants to see more of suicidal stuff.

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    Mrs Goregasm
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    I agree!!!!!! I have some sick ass scars and pictures of the bloody beautiful mess.

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    Mrs Goregasm
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    Yeah more suicide. I find it so fascinating.

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    There is a topic, self-inflicted injuries, but since I went over there to preach my shit I haven’t seen to many posts follow. My words are there.. I will keep way, freaks.

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