Sentencing of Female Pedophile Who Abused 13 Year Old Boy

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      Note how the female attorney pulls off fake cry to uphold female privilege in court. Disgusting!

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      The degenerate filthy whore is getting exactly what she deserves. Sometimes women are accounted for what they do and have to face the full extent of the consequences, but the video is from almost a decade ago. Now the gynocentrism is far worse not only in court but in society as a whole. I feel bad just imagining the amount of female pedophiles and children abusers that get away or are caught but get light sentences.

      I almost puked reading the comments, those levels of cuckoldry shouldn’t be possible. A lot of beta males being completely insensitive to the abused boy – the victim of the story – and trying to give her a pussy pass. And then we get a lot of females putting themselves in the position of the abuser and defending her too because surely they wouldn’t want to get a life sentence if they abused a child or teenager. There’s even some cucks saying that the judge and the prosecutors are the ones who need to be killed. There’s also a guy saying that was worse than Sharia Law (or it was a girl, or a queer, who knows with these Islam-loving feminists and homosexuals these days). It’s insane!

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        I Know (personally) two fellas who’s lives have been ruined by false rape allegations.
        BOTH went to trial… BOTH found “Not Guilty” (& no, not on any “technicality”. Full trail, evidence heard by jury – jury Find “Not Guilty”)

        Still, both lives ruined – Even after being cleared.

        Wonderful fucking “fair” world we live in… eh?

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          A girl i know falsely accused a bloke of rape as well. It got very ugly. This girl told her brother that the perp had raped her. The brother became physical and maimed the perp.

          All went to trial for rape etc. We all knew the girl lied to get back at the perp. She had issues. Let me just say that! Her brother ,poor thing ,was jailed for a few years for the maiming. He also suffers guilt and terrors for maiming a totally innocent fellow. He is also dark at his sister for lying to him as is her family. Of course, her parents forgave her but her reputation is now shit and she has also led to her brother having a criminal record and guilt- complex and shit chances of work etc.

          Can you believe the crap that happens in this world!

          Women out there,never ever lie about a man! It will come back to bite you in the arse!


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      so all along its been women who have been the pedophiles. look at how disgusting they have behaved the last 50 years. 50 short fucking years they have disgraced themselves and totally destroyed western civilizations. filthy degenerate good for nothing pedophiliac bitches everywhere.

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      check this fucking turd out . . . .

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      Empty soul

      I admit I laughed hard when that female attorney wept whilst addressing the court. She lost the case at that exact moment if you ask me because she basically admitted that her own case had no merit, logical or otherwise, hence her action of last resort, the female tears.

      She failed to defeat the game in front of her so instead she tried to defeat the player. Ironically enough though the player this time was an advocate of gender equality and so she was sentenced as a man would be and in doing so caused a leftwing/feminist-equality paradox to take place.

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        @empty-soul I also liked how she tried to use the allegation that the pedophile had been abused in the past so her actions should be considered justifiable. By her own logic, the boy this pedophile abused should have an open season on children when he’s 40 years old, because he was abused as a child and it’s even documented as a fact, so his future abuses of children should be all kosher and shit.

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      #1. Repulsive paedophile should NOT have employed the Head Teacher of “Horace Green High” (from “School of Rock”) to represent her.

      #2. If “#1” was unavoidable – Then maybe the advocate should have NOT gone out for that single pint of Dinnertime beer with Jack Black before she represented her client at a sentencing hearing?

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