Serial Killers: Which do you believe is the cherry on top?

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      Which serial killer world wide do you believe is the biggest,baddest,most low down scum there ever was and why?

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      I always come back to Albert Fish or Ed Gein, but I think some of the sickest shit came from Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. The serial rapist/killer duo lured, trapped, tortured, raped and killed young women. One of them being Karla’s sister. Karla claims that she participated under duress, but that’s ultimately up to your own interpretation. There was a movie made about it, which was pretty good, but if you want all the details, read one of the books about it. As an honorable mention, The Girl Next Door was a book by Jack Ketchum that was also adapted to a movie. The true story of a girl that was beaten, sexually abused, tortured and ultimately died under the care of her “guardian”. This is one instance where I’d say the movie was better than the book. It doesn’t actually show it, but there’s enough there to make you cringe when the guardian says she will make it so that no man will ever want her and proceeds toward the girl’s crotch, blowtorch in hand. Sorry for the long post. Hope you give these two stories a look. Truly demented shit.

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        O.O That hurts my clit to even think about

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        Popped Bubble

        Invisible darkness, great book about the bernardo/homolka case.

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      Well, i would like to put one forward from my area of Gloucester England. Fred West , he was a country bumpkin builder. Have you seen the film Deliverence? Fred West’s family was pretty much like that fucking each other. He made a dungeon in his basement and buried young females in his patio after his wife had raped them while he videod it. They would ride around Gloucester picking up young hitchikers during the 60s and 70s or troubled girls , Fred would torture them in the basement and then rape and kill them, or sometimes his wife Rose would fuck them and Fred would just watch. They killed their own daughter, Fred had access to building sites all around the area, there are many more victims that werent discovered. There was a song written about them, called ” Evil” by the American band Interpol. Fred hung himself in prison before his trial. We took a band photo outside his house before they demolished it in 1994-95 ( the stupid things kids do)

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      Pedro López he raped and murdered over 300 people. He confessed to killing 103 women and had confessed to 300 sexual assaults and stranglings. The police only believed him when they uncovered a mass grave containing many of his victims He was released in 1998 from a psychiatric hospital on good behaviour after initially being found insane. Lopez murdered so many people and he was freed and he got away with it. Here in the united states if you murder anybody you get a harsh punishment, but lopez being from another country got basically off Scott-free compared to if he was living in the united states.

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      Andrei Chikatilo, because despite being utterly unable to get an erection he was able to get a woman pregnant (he jizzed on his hand and he got the cum inside by fisting her).

      Oh and, he was only able to get aroused and ejaculate when he stabbed women and children to death. His inability to get an erection for rape would send him into a furious rage. The man had an urge to jizz, and he would stop at nothing to succeed in his mission.

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      Interesting topic,but I don’t know or follow too much on the subject…that said Im mainly familiar with the common legends,and I’m sure there’s so many out there,but I’d pick Ted Bundy. This fucker was part Genius part bat shit crazy…guy seduced girls killed, then fucked them, all while looking like the nicest charming guy.was caught and escaped from jail,then even had a chick come and give him conjugal visits. He was hell on earth. Electric chair was his last stop. And I’d give Jack the Ripper honorable mention,he’s an OG. He started it all,and was never caught! ???

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      tas tiger

      Lawrence ‘Pliers’ Bittacker and Roy Norris were a particularly foul serial killing duo, simply for the torture they put some very young teen girls through, with yep, pliers and a hammer.

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      HH Holmes, Chicago Il.

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      By far the most successful convicted serial killer in my opinion was Dr Harold Shipman. Nice community doctor, well trusted by his patients. He murdered an estimated 200 patients with lethal injections of diamorphine.

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      Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner for Vehicular Manslaughter.

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      Aegrescit medendo

      I think Richard Speck growing breasts in prison has at least earned him a special footnote status.

      While more a mass murderer the volume, intimate setting, and hands on approach taken by a high ranking military official makes Vasili Blokhin, in my opinion, a true luminary among liquidators.

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      Road Pavement

      Beavis and butthead the worlds future mass murders they will kill countless people

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      GDPR Harvester

      The most evil and twisted serial killers, even though they didn’t kill that many, have to be Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. It takes a lot to get locked up for a whole-life tariff in the UK but it was obvious that these two would never be released because they would have undoubtedly been killed by the general public. The ordinary, everyday person would have taken delight in finishing those two off after many, many days of torture and I firmly believe that virtually every adult in the country would have taken part if given the opportunity.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      The most low down scum serial killers, Barack, Bush, Blair….
      John Wayne Gacy was a sick fuck. Leonard Lake and Charles Ng videoed their murders. Wonder if anyone got those videos? I like Ottis Toole. There’s some buzzin interviews with him on utube.

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      Gilles De rais

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      Luis garavito

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      Marky Ramones Wig

      That toybox dude, can’t remember his name, he had a torture chamber in a container truck,apparently he filmed all his murders n shit aswelll

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      Muja Mi Rona

      It’s been years since I was on my serial killer buzz. There’s some lyrical gems in those Toole interviews. “A human being is a killer”

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