Sexual victimization by Women More Common Than Gender Stereotypes Would Suggest

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      From the article:

      These surveys have reached many tens of thousands of people, and each has shown internally consistent results over time. We therefore believe that this article provides more definitive estimates about the prevalence of female sexual perpetration than has been provided in the literature to date. Taken as a whole, the reports we examine document surprisingly significant prevalence of female-perpetrated sexual victimization, mostly against men and occasionally against women.

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      They’ll bury it or twist the words. You know that’s how it goes. Feminism is a strong machine. At some point MRAs have to do more than talk. They have to make strong stand in lawmaking bodies, in public and stop resorting to the internet. (I don’t mean your posts, I mean like hate sites.)

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      @dethbyplaster this is a matter that somehow messes with my mind. have you ever had any rape fantasys? a few of my exes did and one liked me to pretend burgle then catch her mid stairs rough her up abit and then fuck her and slap her around bit in the dark. i think alot of women would like to feel what its like to be raped but in comfortable surroundings.and i would love it if a woman raped me, it would be awesome. yet for women it is supposed to eb devastating. i dont get it. what is the massive deal about a forced cock ? i know it does affect women but why would men love it and women hate it yet we are supposed to be the same sexually. i dont think we are.

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        I don’t know, I’d say the sense of power is a turn on, that you are possessing what you want, but it’s difficult to explain, as it is something natural to me that a dominance scenario is a turn on, it sort of makes the blood rush to my head. I haven’t yet found a girl like your ex-girlfriend, despite having experienced a real dominance scenario (although it did not lead to penetration), as I have not been around with many girls, but that’s my secret ”dream of consumption”, if you will.
        As to a girl liking it, I’d imagine that it would feed on her ego, to have a man who so strongly wants to possess her (I read once that women like rape fantasies that have this great desire on the man as opposed a will to humiliate him) and an evolutionary hypotheses I would suggest is that a man who takes her by force shows that he is strong willed, so that he may be a good provider, as he would go to any lengths to get what she wants, and would pass ”strong willed genes” to her prole, but that’s just my speculation

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      @haydolf_hittler @undergroundweller Okay, so I’m going to answer truthfully. First and foremost, men and women are not at all alike sexually. Men feel the need to breed and numerous partners ensures their seed lives on. (This is biologically true even if you don’t want kids.) Women want security and a singular, loyal mate. For women, sex is emotional as well as physical. Men can be pleased with physical pleasure alone.
      So in the case of rape, the emotional part of the woman is not fulfilled and she feels like a used vessel -subhuman. It’s very scarring. Also rapists tend to be rough and cause injury to the vagina and anus. There is no way to enjoy internal injuries.
      As far as rape fantasies, women have them. They are the number 1 fantasy of women in general. However, women control every aspect of the fantasy – the settings, the sex acts and most importantly, the man. Yes, a man a woman is very attracted to in a primal way will star in her “rape fantasies.” But is it a rape fantasy if she controls the whole scenario in her mind?
      Most women want to be taken by force. In old movies, they called it “forcible seduction.” It amounts to “Take me, baby.” Lol But only if you are the one I want. The idea of a stranger or someone a woman is not attracted to “taking her” repulses her and she will likely plan your demise if possible.
      My husband and I met in a death metal chatroom, lol, and found we had very similar tastes. We have a trunk full of fun – handcuffs, gags, claps – we play rough for fun. We’ve played like I’m a hooker or he abducted me. BUT sometimes just sweet regular sex is a must. I need that nurturing as well.
      My husband hates the idea of me using him but I totally would, lol. But not his thing which sucks because I’m a kickass closet dominatrix if he’d let me try it.
      And the end of the day, men want to conquer and women want to be conquered. It’s biology and nature. But we’ve evolved and choose the mates that we want to do so. Hope that’s enough info.

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        Fruit Rollup

        I have had a couple girlfriends in the past that asked to be choked, slapped and to have their hair pulled. One of them even wanted me to chase her down in the woods at night time and tie her up and rape her. That was pretty hot. However, 85% of the girls I have been with have hated the idea of being treated rough, so make sure you always communicate. Talking is important.

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          @fruitrollup You have exactly the right frame of mind – communicate it first. I’ve found with the right kind of gentle, non-pushy talk, women will do A LOT of things lol. But you’re smart to discuss somewhere neutral like the living room or driving in the car. People say more when concentrating on the road, I’ve found. You don’t have to stare at each other and you say more.
          As far as the scenarios you described, yeah, I’d do all that stuff and have in some form or another. Not the woods things – I live against a state hunting ground lol. I’d be on bestgore tied up with high heels on and dead by a hunter’s rifle. LOL But for real, those 85% are more open than you think. Chicks have to have that gentle, nurturing security before and after rough stuff. And you men are always ready to go. haha but really we require effort.Sorry 🙁

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