Should female admin and mods protect underage members on this forum?

Best Gore Forums Chill Out Zone Everything Else Should female admin and mods protect underage members on this forum?

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    Their is a lot of kids signing up on this forum

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    the website is for 18+ and adults.

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    Yeah, there is? So why don’t you take your 12 year old ass off of here and go play on the freeway… And if that’s what you think, why don’t you go read the websites rules and regs and if you think someone here is underage, do everyone a favor, let your pussy do the talking and tell them to leave the site or else they’re gonna be in big trouble. The warnings are very clear and up front here, and what the fuck do “female admin” have to do with anything? Do you think that the ‘Mommies” who run the show here should let you suck their titties and protect you from yourself by your being here when you shouldn’t be? Maybe spank you? Get the fuck off this site and go have a circle jerk with your little boyfriends. You have a problem with your fixation with mommies, getting women pregnant, subjugating women and woman slavery and wanting to fuck your mother. Take it to your doctor and stop bringing that shit here because I know that the individuals you chose to subject to your bullshit don’t like it and neither do I and many, many others.

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    Agreed! There should never be children on this website unless they are dead or injured badly… so that we can point and laugh and enjoy it… and maybe learn from it … aside from that ,children should never be viewing this website ever!!!

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    i’m in the same boat if you ain’t +18 then get off unless you are able to handle it and be mature but don’t expect us to save your ass from your own stupidity

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