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      Female Soccer Players Earn More Than Male

      USWNT Loses Entitlement for the Privileged Pay Lawsuit. The court finds women get paid more than men, but can’t do math.

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      LMAO. Nice title!
      *grunts* “math hard…crying easy”

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      Empty soul

      They really are dumb bitches.

      Football, or soccer as the yanks call it, is like any other entertainment enterprise in that wages are based upon your contribution to the bottom line. In other words, you are paid relative to what you bring in from the financial perspective and therein lies the issue in that women’s football outside of world cup playoffs is a loss making enterprise.

      No one is following women’s football all year round. They are not buying the merchandise with habit and they are not watching the regular, non world cup games in general.

      To conclude. Women’s football is far less profitable than men’s football hence the difference in remuneration awarded.

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      Stupid bitches! The lawyer who took this case on should be disbarred and the heads of the team should be sacked and publicly lambasted in the newspapers. This is humiliatingly STOOPID!!!

      Given many of those soccer players are lesbians they should have had their heads more between the pages of a maths textbook than the thighs of a woman! STOOPID!

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