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      Death overdue

      From afar the voices calling.
      Merely whispers in my head.
      A demonic cry with angelic
      savor, an everlasting death.

      Awaiting her embrace…

      I falter, the demon awakes.
      Losing control, someone else
      Takes my place.

      A puppet pulled by
      strings of hate.
      I reap disaster and disgrace.
      From a blood drunken master’s hand I sway…

      Hanging from your fingertips,
      Defenseless, forced to witness
      this neurotic event of the end of my life’s pointless run.

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      That’s so good I think I’ll plagiarize it to the National Poetry Foundation’s annual contest! I wondered what teachers do with all the homework.

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      Death overdue

      I hope all who end up reading ‘Slave’ enjoy it. The meaning of the lyrics are true to any who understand the plight of living with any type of addiction, disfunction, mental illness, or any oppression. I love this site, I love the people on it. Even if they want to take something from me that I have created.

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      Mr Jinx

      Awesome poem,death, you should put it to music! 👍

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        Death overdue

        Thanks! It’s an old song I wrote a while back. Got a shit ton more but not sure if I should post them. Afraid it might get stolen. Lol. Really want to though. Others like me should read them instead of just me.

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      Hey, that’s really good. Can’t wait to see if you post more!

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