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      I mean, I know Jews are scum along with every religion but like, it seems conspiracy nuts like to blame the Jews for literally everything. I’m asking as a clueless 19 year old college drop-out who is obsessed with porn involving anthropomorphic animals who still lives at home with his parents. I don’t believe in many conspiracy theories though. I do strongly believe that the CIA assassinated JFK, but other than that, nothing major. I’m a person who is open to many ideas and is just wondering why the Jews are so hated, even more so than the Muslims.

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      There is no hatred of Jews. Here at Best Gore we expose evil doers and entities that seek to enslave the people in injustice. Jews are responsible for the lion share of evil and injustice in the world, hence they are called out. But this is solely the consequence of their own doing.

      Thus, your question is fundamentally flawed. It should be something along the lines of: “Why do Jews hate non Jews and not only want, but actively strive to ethnically cleanse them or enslave them?” Once you start asking the right questions, you’ll start getting the right answers. Your rose colors shades come off, you take the red pill and you start to see the world for what it is, and not for what they want you to see it. Until then, you’re a good goy useful idiot.

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        DINGIR XUL

        It was just a question. Didn’t need to be insulted. I’m no idiot for asking questions. An idiot would blindly believe what he is told without doubt. I’m not like that, which is why I’m asking.

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          It’s only insulting if you want it to be insulting. To the Jew, you are a useful idiot, much as every goy who still lives with their head up their ass, because by living that way, they accept Jewish indoctrination and instead of questioning it, they question those who live with their eyes open.

          Make no mistake, that’s all you are to them. Both their religious and secular teachings preach hatred for non Jews, justify murder of non Jews, and encourage enslavement of non Jews. The reason why they’re able to get away with it are useful idiots from among the goyim. They are the gatekeepers, the enablers of their usury.

          The other thing you need to understand is that here at Best Gore, we call it like it is. If you seek political correctness where only Jew approved language is used, you are on the wrong website. Here there be facts. Here we don’t beat about the bush. Here a spade is called a spade. We won’t have it any other way. Politically correct snowflakes get destroyed here, and we rejoice watching them melt down.

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          DINGIR XUL

          I’m not a politically correct snowflake. And i’m not new to best gore either. I only just recently made an account but I’ve been browsing best gore since I was 15 years old so I know how things work around here.

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          We all started as indoctrinated sheeple, because that’s the type of world we were born into. But what makes one a real sheep is what you do with the facts when they present themselves to you. If you dismiss them because doing otherwise would go against the herd (ie, against the popular opinion), then you are a sheep. If you however entertain it, and follow up with research of your own, then you become aware.

          The absolute most important thing to remember is that nobody who is telling you how things are is right. That includes me. To quote myself:

          Verify, double verify and trust no one but your own gut.

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          About the Jew thing: There are people who know this much better than me but going back to the Holocaust even, there was deception. I used to believe the Holocaust story just like everybody. Several years ago, I really looked into it and I call myself a Holocaust Revisionist. Things happened but not on the scale we’re told. Definitely get on YouTube and watch The Greatest Story Never Told. It explains in logic and even mathematically how the Holocaust story is impossible.

          Also look into the Zionist movement. Looking back at WWII, Jews were given their own country. That’s like someone coming to your house and kicking you out and just taking it. That’s why the Palestinians are still pissed. Because basically the Allied Forces kicked them out of their house and gave it to the Jews. And the Jews want to keep gaining more territory.

          False flag events are when people do something bad and everyone assumes they’re Muslim but actually Jews backed it to get people to hate Muslims – Jews main enemy. I don’t know which attacks are false flag but you can look into that yourself.

          Just those things all together and things I’m sure I missed as this is not an area I know that well – these are the reasons people have a problem with Jews. Do read into it. I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist but there are definite questions there.

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          DINGIR XUL

          I’m not really a holocaust denier. I mean, I question if 6 million Jews died but that’s about it. My grandfather who is now passed away, was a WWII vet, and he saw the atrocities inside the concentration camps. I agree that Jews are scumbags, but there seems to be so much pointing at Jews for everything without solid evidence. I’d like to see a well made article or documentary exposing these alleged false flags with solid evidence, in the style of say Inside Job, which is an excellent documentary exposing how corrupt the banking industry is in America and how they essentially caused another great depression.

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          @dingir False flag events are not ones I call. I truly just don’t know. However, there are supposedly particular things that are present with the events and you start seeing a pattern. I honestly just haven’t looked into them enough to know. I know that Mark knows the tell-tale signs and you can ask him. Or maybe @thedre might could tell you more. Even if not, he knows someone who could tell you more.

          Do you know that list of things that seems to always occur at “false flag” incidents?
          Good luck

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      The Jews are the main players and promoters of white genocide which is currently taking place right now…

      For more info research the Kalergi Plan, Cultural Marxism or Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told.

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        DINGIR XUL

        Will look into those. Never heard of the Kalergi Plan or the greatest story never told.

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          The Kalergi Plan is an agenda to mongrelize the white race through racial mixing. World leaders even win awards every year for fulfilling the agenda, Merkel and Blair are 2 examples….

          Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told is a series of Youtube videos telling the truth about what happened during WW2, which is naturally the complete opposite of what we’ve all been taught.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      The Chews are Gods chosen people dammit. Truth. lol

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      The Jews, like many races have good and terrible people all among them. Its just that the Jews really do own 100% of the world and when youre on top of the pyramid in life, people tend to find the worst in you. Many people hate Americans because the country represents power but there are millions of Americans that are poor and suffering yet we get lumped in with the rest of wealthy Americans and the world hates us lower Americans for it.
      The world will always function this way no matter who is on top (at least this is how I see it)

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        Yeah and they are forcing globalism on the west and trying to genocide the white race aswell as scamming the fuck out of us all with their banking racket….

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        @sanbeagle Here’s Israel born Jew, and an accomplished jazz saxophonist Gilad Atzmon explaining why Jews who appear to be different (speaking out against Zionist, protesting Israel, apparently respecting the goyim, etc) are controlled opposition with the same agenda as the rest of them:

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          This man completely proves my point that there are good among all the races. In Israel, imo, 95% of the Jews there a wicked, but outside Israel the % is about 60/40% bad to good. I find this in how every race sees other races and the movie Planet of the Apes is so real how it correlates how races are with 95% apes are evil towards other races and 5% (Dr. Cornelius and Dr. Zira) are good. This is why I say what I said in my previous post. I cannot hate 100% of a race because there are some damn good folks that I would be wrong in hating.
          PS. .. So is this jazz man an anti-smite?
          Great video @happy and thanks for sharing it as I also will share it.

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      Empty soul

      Here is a quick modern overview using one of my older posts.

      The Ottoman Empire conquered Palestine in 1516, an area they recognised as the official territory of the Palestinians. How do we know this? because the Ottoman Empire always kept detailed registers which you can look up if you so wish.

      The Ottoman Empire was a multinational, multilingual empire because it had to be due to it’s size and therefore these conquered lands were absorbed and became provinces and vassal/tributary states of the larger empire, so Palestine was still autonomously run by the Palestinians of course but subject to the High Porte in Constantinople and to whom the Palestinians had to pay their taxes. The Palestinian role in the modernisation reforms of the Ottoman Empire during 1876 and 1908 shows you how much autonomy they had.

      Anyway, moving on.

      Fast forward to more modern times and world war one is in motion and the 1915 Sykes–Picot Agreement was on the table. An agreement made between allied forces on how to divide the Ottoman Empire should the war against them be successful.

      The Balfour Declaration, 2 November 1917, noted;

      “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country”
      The post war Treaty of Sevres in 1920 starts the beginning of the partitioning of the defeated Ottoman Empire.
      The British Mandate for Palestine, 1920 (legal instrument) then comes into force stating,
      “The Council of the League of Nations:”

      “Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have agreed, for the purpose of giving effect to the provisions of Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, to entrust to a Mandatory selected by the said Powers the administration of the territory of Palestine, which formerly belonged to the Turkish Empire, within such boundaries as may be fixed by them;

      and whereas the Principal Allied Powers have also agreed that the Mandatory should be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2nd, 1917, by the Government of His Britannic Majesty, and adopted by the said Powers, in favor of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country; and

      Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country; and
      Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have selected His Britannic Majesty as the Mandatory for Palestine; and
      Whereas the mandate in respect of Palestine has been formulated in the following terms and submitted to the Council of the League for approval; and

      Whereas His Britannic Majesty has accepted the mandate in respect of Palestine and undertaken to exercise it on behalf of the League of Nations in conformity with the following provisions; and

      Whereas by the afore-mentioned Article 22 (paragraph 8), it is provided that the degree of authority, control or administration to be exercised by the Mandatory, not having been previously agreed upon by the Members of the League, shall be explicitly defined by the Council of the League Of Nations”.

      Finally then, after world war 2 the British Government ended the Mandate and Resolution 181 was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly recommending it be partitioned into an Arab state, a Jewish state and the Special International Regime for the City of Jerusalem. Civil war of course broke out which ended with the Jews succeeding in creating the State of Israel and the rest of the story you already know, the British were violently thrown out by the Jews.

      To conclude then, The Ottoman Empire obviously considered Palestine to be the territory of the Palestinians as their records dating back to 1516 clearly shows and the British Mandate for Palestine (which was a legal instrument)states,

      “Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have agreed, for the purpose of giving effect to the provisions of Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, to entrust to a Mandatory selected by the said Powers the administration of the territory of Palestine”

      “Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country”.

      The above clearly shows that Palestine was considered by Britain and its allies to be both a territory and a country of and for the Palestinians. The part about the Jews historical connection to it was of course inserted via the Balfour Declaration at the behest of Walter Rothschild, the leader of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland at that time.

      The above is just the last few hundred years of course. One also has the fact that Jews have been banned by many peoples and countries for millennia and for much the same reasons, blood sucking.

      Even Richard the Lionheart in 1189 had them killed for their usual blood sucking bullshit.

      To conclude, the Jews bring it on themselves and always have done. Parasitical race, always have been and always will be.

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      Da Jews don’t own jackshite! There are no evidences or whatsoever about their tremendous wealth and unlimited power. It’s just a conspiracy by the trolls and mostly alt-right.

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      GDPR Harvester

      It is very sad, and natural, that the media hide lots of things from us, I like to read opposing arguments but here, sometimes, looks like EVERY conspiracy theory is proven true. The Jews have no such power in world affairs… but you are free to disagree.

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