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      In an episode by Zionist own media, ABC, features actors playing out fictional role scenario’s to see the interaction/reaction of everyday NPC’s in America on this episode “He’s not the father, would you tell. demonstrates that vast majority of woman refusal to speak out against the unfaithful woman despite having heard her openly admit cheating on her lover behind his back resulting in her pregnancy. they would rather have pity and sympathy for the cheating lair and conspire with her deception by encouraging her to withhold the truth.

      one woman even refuses to do the right thing in front of her own young boys showing her lack of morality which will serve as a life lecture for the boys as it’s in woman nature to willingly conspire with deceivable liars entrapping man into child care for a child that’s not even his for the sake of their privileges

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      Gubment Cheese

      Most women are natural born liars if it serves their interest.

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        Precisely it’s a trait they pick up from their manipulative mothers that as long as the lie benefits them because they have so little power in a society built by man. it’s also a trait that all modern day witch’s possess to commit other types of crimes.

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      Mr Spock

      Come on! What advice do you expect the women to impart: “Stop your whoring around, you worthless skank and come clean before you ruin John’s life?” That’s not going to happen, it’s too honest.

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      Unless and until we actively call out our own we won’t go forward as a soceity ie in politics ,relations between the sexes ,workers and employers. Barring the US, the Anglosphere had a working Social Compact where both the sexes AND worker/employers knew where we stood. Now it is a dog’s breakfast.

      I call out my own a little more than most people, but it is hard to do so . Women can’t expect to get both Men’s respect and lust and not just the latter , if they don’t curb these wayward sisters.

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