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    For the idiots who missed it………………………………. BESTGORE knows

    Recently, I had my eyes open to what is such an integral part of our culture that it is hardly even noticed – Societal Misandry. Societal Misandry created an Anti Male World that’s been bashed into our minds so tightly, strong anti male bias and preferential treatment of females are not only considered normal and therefore don’t raise any concerns when they occur, any attempt to level the fields is met with strong opposition from both the oppressors and the oppressed. In other words, the indoctrination is so thorough, that even though it’s a privilege (legally and socially) to be a woman, while it downright sucks (legally and socially) to be a man, both men and women would automatically assume it was the other way around, and would in all likelihood assume offensive stances against anyone suggesting otherwise.

    A good way to see what I’m talking about it by looking at the way we’re expected to perceive violence against women, versus the society’s expected perception of violence against men. When we see on television images of a man receiving a hard kick in the crotch, everyone is expected to find them funny and everyone, both men and women are expected to laugh. Kicking a man in the crotch has become a staple of comedy. But when we’re shown images of a woman receiving a hard kick in the crotch, everyone is expected to express outrage and everyone, both men and women are expected to call it an assault. Best Gore, of all places, is a good example of how far reaching this Societal Misandry is, as any depiction of violence against women is instantly met with calls for the alleged perpetrator to be lynched, castrated and slowly tortured.

    I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was tainted by the societally anticipated anti male discrimination just as badly as everyone else and like everyone else, I failed to see it when it presented itself in all its glory. When Mark was arrested, a female prosecutor made no attempts to hide that she hated men down to the last stinky atom of her body, and that she drew personal gratification from being able to put men down and ruin their lives just because they were men. Yet because constantly putting men down and ruining their lives just because they are men has been such a staple of western societies, it didn’t occur to me in the slightest that it was wrong.

    Today, after decades of being berated and put down, men got so cowed, they can’t even fight back anymore. They have no other option but to laugh with everyone else at the images of men being kicked in the crotch and assume themselves that every male, including themselves is an unfeeling future rapist that’s best castrated and lynched at first opportunity. Does it really surprise anyone that suicide rates of males are 4 or more times as high as those of females, when boys are forced to grow up feeling alienated?

    How are boys not supposed to feel alienated, apologetic for their existence, and eventually suicidal when even school books are feminized and anti male, placing a lot of focus on the assumption that wars are the result of the innately violent nature of men, while placing virtually no focus on making boys proud for what men have achieved, such as the discovery of mathematics, the printing press, electricity, the steam engine and other important inventions that transformed the world into the modern, physical labor saving, technologically advanced place we inhabit today? Even the legal system that protects women’s safety and women’s rights was invented by men.

    This societal misandry is even propagated by the media, especially the television. If you paid attention, you’d notice that sitcoms are replete with images of oafish, bumbling males who in their awkwardness can only ever move forward with the assistance of smart, smug females. You’d also notice how crime shows depict men as evil murderers and rapists, how feminized male stars relentlessly pursue them and when they get them, they slam these evil rapists against a wall and bark: “you low life scumbag!” But when the occasional episode revolves around a female suspect, she’s never slammed against a wall and called a low life scumbag cause in her case, there surely must have been a good reason for murdering the child.

    It is the same with TV commercials. Typically. as the scene opens, some buffoon of a man is struggling to have a clue as to what something is all about. Before long, an all-knowing woman, rolling her eyes and shaking her head in pity, saves the day by helping the stupid buffoon of a man not utterly ruin everything with the use of the product advertised. Sometimes, not to be too repetitive, a version of a TV commercial in which it is the children who are all-wise that help the buffoon of a man figure things out as they step in with the product. And of course, all of us, both men and women are expected to laugh: “Hahaha, look at that stupid guy. What an idiot!”

    I made this post to once and for all counter the disillusion that women are disadvantaged in life because of male privilege and patriarchal oppression. I was once the victim of this disillusion myself, so I know all too well how saturated it is, and suspect many Best Gore readers were tricked by societal misandry to embrace the anti male world too.

    Note that instead of making this article a collection of my own thoughts, I built it almost exclusively on references from what should be for the most part considered “reliable sources”. All claims that follow are based on scientific studies and researches by university professors and are therefore verifiable facts, not opinions.
    Bodily Integrity

    In many countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States, a woman has legal protection of her bodily integrity (her body, her choice)[73], but a man does not (his body, not his choice).[72]

    What that means is that Female Genital Mutilation is illegal, while Male Genital Mutilation is not only legal, it’s often not even regulated so it can be performed by anyone (pedophile Rabbi is not a schooled and trained surgeon). Frequently, genital mutilation of men is performed before the victim is old enough to make consenting choices of his own.[71]

    In some countries, such as the Philippines, boys are under societal pressure to undergo genital mutilation, and in Indonesia, the act of genital mutilation of boys is exaggerated by public humiliation.

    In the Netherlands, girls have the right to bodily integrity and mutilating their genitals is illegal. Boys do not have this right and mutilating their genitals is not only legal, but covered by certain health insurances.[36]
    You Have Been Indoctrinated by Societal Misandry If You Instantly Thought of Mocking a Man Who Dare Open Up About Having Been a Victim of Rape
    You Have Been Indoctrinated by Societal Misandry If You Instantly Thought of Mocking a Man Who Dare Open Up About Having Been a Victim of Rape

    In many countries, the definition of rape does not include men being raped by women.[1] In the UK, if a man uses his penis to penetrate a woman without her consent, it is rape – a crime punishable by up to a life in prison. However if a woman uses a man’s penis to penetrate herself without his consent, it’s not rape, it’s merely “causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent” – a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison. In other words, a woman can’t legally “rape” a man. In the anti-male world, for women there are “lesser” crimes.[2]

    On Wikipedia, under Laws Regarding Rape, I found this:[3]

    There are no national standards for defining and reporting male-on-male, female-on-female or female-on-male offenses, so such crimes are generally not included in rape statistics unless these statistics are compiled using information from states which count them as rape.

    In Ireland, teenage boys can be prosecuted for underage sex while teen girls are exempt.[41]

    In Israel, women cannot be charged with rape, only men can.[42] It is the same in India.[43]
    Anti Male Bias in Dictionaries
    Previous Definition of Word Rapist by Oxford Dictionaries
    Previous Definition of Word Rapist by Oxford Dictionaries

    When Mark was first charged, Oxford Dictionary’s definition of “Rapist” was “a man who commits rape“. After countless complaints, the definition was amended into “a person, typically a man, who commits rape“. The anti men sexism and anti men gender based discrimination is embedded so strongly in our societies, not even dictionaries try to hide it.
    Oxford Dictionaries Amended the Definition of Rapist to This Joke
    Oxford Dictionaries Amended the Definition of Rapist to This Joke

    By the same logic, the definition of “Terrorist” should be “a person, typically a Jew, who commits acts of terrorism“. Except that that’s not a good example because women are perpetrators of rape equally often as men, but terrorism has been dominated by the Jews since they invented it. And I’m not merely talking about the invention of modern terrorism which started with Jews bombing King David Hotel, the site for the British Military Command in Palestine back in 1946, killing dozens of innocent people and blaming it on Muslims, which is when word “terrorism” was first used. I’m also talking about the earliest known use of acts which would be known as terrorism today – Sicarii (which translates as dagger-men) as they were known by the Romans were the Zealots of Judea who carried on underground campaigns of assassination of Roman forces, as well as anyone else they felt had collaborated with the Romans.
    I Took the Liberty of Fixing the Oxford Dictionaries Definition of Terrorist Following the Same Guidelines They Use to Define Rapist
    I Took the Liberty of Fixing the Oxford Dictionaries Definition of Terrorist Following the Same Guidelines They Use to Define Rapist
    Rape Policies on College Campuses

    On April 4, 2011 (it became known as the April 4th Dear Colleague Letter), the US federal Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) sent a letter to colleges and universities throughout the United States that receive federal funding, mandating policy changes in the way schools address matters of sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus.[4]

    The letter reduces the standard of proof required to convict a male student of rape to “preponderance of evidence” and “strongly discourages” colleges from giving male students the right to question their rape accuser. The directive also requires all universities to allow alleged rape victims to appeal the results of college disciplinary hearings, subjecting the accused to “double jeopardy” which is illegal in US courts.[5]
    Fake Rape Statistics
    Men Don’t Rape People, Rapists Rape People
    Men Don’t Rape People, Rapists Rape People

    The 1994 study by Eugene J. Kanin, Ph.D., published in the Archives Of Sexual Behavior, Volume 23, No 1, conducted in a small metropolitan community in the US found that 41% of rape accusations filed by women were false. A follow up study, found 50% of rape allegations in college to be false. 53% of the women admitted they filed the false claim as an alibi.[6][7]

    The findings, which were published by the forensic experts (unbiased researchers who are neither pro feminist, nor anything else) concluded with:

    the research on accusations of rape, sexual harassment, incest, and child sexual abuse indicates that false accusations have become a serious problem. The motivations involved in making a false report are widely varied and include confusion, outside influence from therapists and others, habitual lying, advantages in custody disputes, financial gain, and the political ideology of radical feminism.

    What Fake Rape Victim Says vs What Probably Really Happened
    What Fake Rape Victim Says vs What Probably Really Happened

    According to a US Air force study, 60% of rapes allegations are false. A full 27% of the allegations were confirmed to be false by the woman admitting to making them up.[8] It however also must be said that the military is pushing rape cases harder to appear like they are being “fair” to women.

    A rape prosecutor from Colorado by the name of Craig Silverman said:[9]

    During my time as a prosecutor who made case filing decisions, I was amazed to see all the false rape allegations that were made to the Denver Police Department. It was remarkable and surprising to me. You would have to see it to believe it. Any honest veteran sex assault investigator will tell you that rape is one of the most falsely reported crimes that there is. A command officer in the Denver police sex assaults unit recently told me he placed the false rape numbers at approximately 45 percent.

    Regret Sex Doesn’t Always Equal Rape Sex
    Regret Sex Doesn’t Always Equal Rape Sex

    The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey conducted by the US National Center for Injury Prevention and Control of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that women make up 40% of all rapists and men are 50% of all victims outside of prison.[13]

    As the case of Duke Lacrosse Players from Durham, North Carolina suggests, men who are falsely accused of rape can have their names smeared and their lives ruined, while their accuser is protected and is likely to face no punishment, or at most a light one.[47]

    However these figures do not take into account social stigmas that force men into suppressing their victimization for fear of being viewed as effeminate, weak or incompetent, and cultural tolerance and glorification of women who falsely accuse men of rape.[58]

    In India, a senior woman lawyer confirmed that females making false allegations of rape is at epidemic levels.[66]

    This one is just… Serial false rape claimant who was eventually jailed after destroying 11 lives.[68]
    Violence Against Victims of False Rape Accusations
    This Is Gender Equality
    This Is Gender Equality

    I already said in the introduction to this article that even the readers of BestGore, both men and women are guilty of strong anti male bias. It reflects in the way they react to any news of alleged violence against women, but you hardly ever see anything comparable when men are subjected to unspeakable atrocities, which happens far more frequently and with far greater ferocity.

    Good example if the story of a man who was falsely accused of rape and was lynched to death for it. He was later found to be innocent. Here’s another alleged rapist was beheaded, stabbed and mutilated.

    A few example not on Best Gore:

    Teenage boy named Cory Headen from Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada was beaten to death with a baseball bat after two girls falsely accused him of rape.[10]
    Woman falsely accused a man of raping her in order to sue for a $1.5 million settlement. Brian Banks spent 5 years in prison. The woman then casually confessed that the accusation was fake and said she wanted “bygones to be bygones” but did not want to have to pay back the money. Where are calls to have this bitch castrated and tortured slowly?[11]
    Town of Davis, California goes ape shit after a woman cries rape, claiming that she was raped by teenage skater boys. Cops go overboard questioning dozens of boys, feminists and their ilk hold rallies for the “victim”. Male hating graffiti is spread across town, including such perks as “Dead Boys Don’t Rape” and “Curfew for All Men”. The “victim” admits the allegation was fake, the woman is not charged but feminists and their ilk don’t accept the possibility it could be fake.[12]

    Sentencing Disparity

    Research by David B. Mustard, University of Georgia concluded that women receive lighter sentences and a higher chance of acquittal, simply for being women. Average sentence for same crime under similar circumstances (armed robbery):[14]

    Male: 51.52 months
    Female: 18.51 months

    Woman Lies About Father Raping Her, He Spends 9 Years in Jail, Prosecutor Refuses to Charge Women for Fear It Would Discourage Other Fake Rape Victims
    Woman Lies About Father Raping Her, He Spends 9 Years in Jail, Prosecutor Refuses to Charge Women for Fear It Would Discourage Other Fake Rape Victims

    A Queens Family Court Judge John Hunt analyzed the cases of eight teenagers who had come before him – four boys and four girls – and found that probation routinely recommended tougher treatment for boys, doing all they could to spare all but the most violent girls from prison time.[15]

    In Canada, if a man kills a child, it’s considered murder, punishable by up to a life in prison with no parole for 10 to 25 years. But if a woman kills her children, she has the rights to be charged with Infanticide, which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years and no minimum sentence. Men do not have that right.[44]

    Law Professor Sonja Starr from Michigan University found in her 2012 study of federal criminal cases that men receive on average 63% longer sentences than women do, and women are twice as likely to avoid incarceration if convicted all together.[45]

    The following is based on 1990 – 2000 US census:[46]

    For every 100 girls ages 15 to 17 in correctional facilities there are 837 boys behind bars.
    For every 100 women ages 18 to 21 in correctional facilities there are 1430 men behind bars.
    For every 100 women ages 22 to 24 in correctional facilities there are 1448 men in correctional facilities.

    Sentencing Disparity in Anti Male World
    Sentencing Disparity in Anti Male World

    In a recent case from Canada, a 26 year old woman who gave oral sex to a 5 year old girl was found to NOT be a pedophile. Imagine if it was a man giving oral sex to a 5 year old! Talk about sentencing disparity.[67]

    Another recent case of serious double standard from Houston, Texas – woman teacher, pedophile and sexual predator seduces a 16 year old boy and sexually violates him. She’s sentenced to no jail time, only a $5,000 fine and a probation. No word on whether she will also end up registered as a sex offender, which likely means that she probably won’t as it would have been mentioned in the article. Imagine if roles were reversed, if a male teacher seduced and sexually violated a 16 year girl. We wouldn’t hear the end of it from the ranks of feminazis, and the guy would be sentenced to 20+ years in prison and spend the rest of his life knocking on people’s doors to tell them that he was a pedo and a sexual deviant. Not to mention the little fact that prosecutors agreed to the plea deal because Nikki Scherwitz agreed to send apologies to the mother and the district, but not to the victim![69]
    Domestic Violence
    End Violence Against Everyone
    End Violence Against Everyone

    Basic domestic violence resolution policy in just about every western country is “arrest the male“. Yet women are known to be more or equally physically aggressive with their spouses/partner than men in their relationships.

    A reference examining assaults by women on their spouses or male partners – an annotated bibliography by Martin S. Fiebert from the Department of Psychology, California State University, Long Beach found that women are perpetrators of physical and emotional abuse as or more often, and are as or more aggressive with their partners as men.[16]

    Domestic violence study directed by John Hamel, the Editor-in-Chief of Partner Abuse, a Springer Publishing Company – a three-year research project, conducted by 42 scholars at 20 universities and research centers that included information on 17 areas of domestic violence research concluded that “the victim is not always the one hit, but sometimes the one arrested.“[17]

    The study also found that men are not only disproportionately arrested in domestic violence cases, but sometimes arrested for arbitrary reasons, citing, for example, that police often arrest the bigger and stronger party in cases where the perpetrator is unclear.

    Even though study after study proves that women are as frequent or more common instigators of domestic violence as men, the “arrest the male no matter what” resolution policy automatically presumes the innocence of the woman and guilt of the man regardless of who the aggressor is.

    International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences, Vol 5 Issue 1, January – June 2010 published a study on male victims of intimate partner violence in the United States in which it quoted a study by George and Yarwood who found that police have threatened 47% of male victims of intimate partner violence with arrest, ignored 35% of male victims and 21% were actually arrested instead of the female perpetrators.[18]

    Study titled “Disabusing the Definition of Domestic Abuse: How Women Batter Men and the Role of the Feminist State” by Linda Kelly, Professor of Law at Indiana University School of Law, found that when abused men call the police to report domestic violence committed against them by their female partner, they are three times more likely to be arrested than their spouse that is abusing them.[19]

    Pro Footballer Warren Moon was arrested after he was assaulted by his wife who threw a candlestick at this head and kneed him in the groin. To prevent further assault, Moon restrained his wife but as soon as police arrived, they arrested him and charged him with domestic violence. His wife later confessed that she was being unduly violent while he did not retaliate in any way which lead to his acquittal, but as was the case with feminists from Davis, California who simply would not accept the possibility that a woman falsely accused a man of rape (I mentioned the case earlier, see reference [12]), in this case women’s group again insisted that Moon be charged. In Anti Male world dominated by Societal Misandry, a man is expected to be held responsible for woman’s criminal deeds.[22]

    A University of Florida study found women are more likely to “stalk, attack and abuse” their partners than men.[33]

    A 2007 Center for Disease Control study found that almost a quarter (24%) of relationships had violence, about half (49.7%) was reciprocal. In non-reciprocally violent relationships, women were the perpetrators in more than 70 percent of the cases.[34]
    Restraining Orders

    As if being subjected to domestic violence by their female partner was not bad enough for men, to make matters even worse, in the anti male society, women can easily file a restraining order, and just because they are women, judges don’t even verify allegations, they just issue the order.

    How easy is it for women to get a restraining order? In 2005, Santa Fe District Judge Daniel Sanchez issued a temporary restraining order to “protect” Colleen Nester who alleged that what CBS talk show host David Letterman said on his show were in fact coded messages spoken with an intent to harass her and express his desire to marry her. When asked why he had issued the restraining order on such a ridiculous allegation, Judge Sanchez replied that Ms. Nestler had filled out the restraining order request correctly.[24]

    In a 2010 study on partner abuse titled “A Closer Look at Men Who Sustain Intimate Terrorism by Women“, Professor Denise A. Hines PhD of Clark University and Emily M. Douglas PhD of Bridgewater State College found that of 302 men who experienced domestic violence by their wives, 38.7% reported that she filed a restraining order against him under false pretenses.[25]
    Domestic Violence Hotlines and Shelters
    Anti Male Bias by Government
    Anti Male Bias by Government

    Research by the US based National Parents Organization found that 64% of men who made distress calls to tax dollars funded domestic violence shelters were told that the shelter was only helping women. Most reported to have been laughed at and hung up on, or told that women don’t commit domestic violence therefore it must have been the caller’s fault.[20]

    According to the research by Mankind Initiative, in the UK there are only 13 organizations that offer refuge or safe house provision for male victims of domestic violence with a total of 78 beds, of which 33 beds are dedicated to male victims only (the rest being for victims of either gender), and of these 33 dedicated beds, 18 are for gay males only. In comparison, in the UK there are over 260 organizations with around 4,000 beds dedicated to female victims of domestic violence.[21]

    In other words, in the anti-male world, at least 50% of domestic violence victims are men, but there are at least 100x as many shelter spaces available for women because men need to just deal with it and stop whining that they are being abused. Afterall, if they sought help, they would be just laughed at and blamed for being perpetrators themselves.
    Child Custody

    According to the US census on Custodial Mothers and Fathers, women receive custody of the children in about 84% of custody cases.[23]

    Research on Child Maltreatment by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families found that 81.2% of children who were maltreated, were maltreated by a parent (the remaining 18.8% were maltreated by people in nonparental relationship with them, such as daycare stuff, foster parents, neighbors, legal guardians, relatives, etc.). Of children maltreated by a parent, 38.3% were maltreated by a mother, 6.0% by a mother and other person, 18.1% by a father, 0.9 by a father and other person, and 17.9% by both a mother and a father.[70]

    We however need to take into account custodial mothers and fathers disparity as outlined by the census listed above. According to the U.S. Population Reference Bureau Data Brief, 71% of children are raised in a nuclear family, 29% are raised in single-parent families. If women receive custody in 84% of cases, we can presume that 84% of children that grow up in single-parent families are mother-led. Thus, of 29% of single parent families, 24.36% are mother-lead, and 4.64% are father lead. For the benefit of women, let’s round these figures to 24% mother-lead and 5% father-lead.

    Thus, the following can be deduced:

    76% of children grow up with a father present, while 95% of children grow up with a mother present.
    That means that for each 100 children who grow up with a father present, 125 grow up with a mother present
    Of all maltreated children, 62.2% are maltreated by a mother (sum up of 38.3% maltreated by a mother, 6.0% by a mother and other person, and 17.9% by both a mother and a father) and 36.9% are maltreated by a father (sum up of 18.1% by a father, 0.9 by a father and other person, and 17.9% by both a mother and a father)
    That means that for each 100 children maltreated by a father, there are 168 maltreated by a mother
    Thus, taking into account custodial disparity, mothers are 1.34 times more likely to maltreat their children than fathers.

    It is truly alarming that women are granted custody of the children after a split 5 times more often than men, yet they are 1.34 times more likely to be perpetrators of maltreatment then men. In other words, maltreatment of children would be reduced by 25.4% if instead of to the mothers, custody of children was awarded to the fathers.

    Considering that according to the Health and Human Services, 0.78 million children were maltreated between 2004 and 2008, by giving custody of the children to the fathers instead of to the mothers, 198,120 children could have been spared maltreatment!
    Scholarship Discrimination

    A first-of-a-kind study of NCAA participation and scholarship data conducted by the College Sports Council (CSC) found that female students are accorded far more opportunities than male students to compete and earn scholarships. Girls were awarded scholarships almost twice as often as boys – for every 200 boys, 320 girls got scholarship.[26][27]
    Hate Crimes Discrimination

    Pursuant to the 1964 Civil Rights legislation, the US Department of Justice will not investigate cases of bullying if the victim is a white male.[28]

    On some airlines, such as Air New Zealand, men are banned from sitting next to kids on airplanes, simply because they are men and societal anti-male bias dictates that every man is a presumed rapist. British Airways have recently changed this discriminatory policy.[54]

    As a reality news website, there is no other place where Woman Privilege can be observed more clearly than on Best Gore. One just needs to click on “All The Gore” button in top menu and go from page to page to see how utterly rare it is for a woman to become a victim of violence. And not only is violence against women rarer than violence against men, the severity of violence is also beyond compare.

    The homicide trends study by the US Bureau of Justice Statistics found that the victimization rate for males was 3 times higher than the rate for females.[29]
    Workplace Deaths

    Again, one needs only to look around Best Gore to see that men die or get injured performing their work duties more often than women.

    Majority of employees who do dangerous jobs are men. First world governments put significant effort to encourage women to enter fields traditionally made up of men, but no encouragement is made to take on the burden of doing dangerous work.

    Last summer 19 firefighters died in Arizona. All of them were men. Not surprisingly, feminist blogosphere did not explode with calls of gender equality.[74]

    Boys are brainwashed from an early age that to prove that they are masculine, they have to take on dangerous jobs. If you need an example, consider and army recruitment ad.

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, men account for 92% of all fatal work injuries.[30]

    Congressional Research Service on American War and Military Operations Casualties provided the following statistics on deaths of military servicemen:[31]

    Operation Enduring Freedom (from October 7, 2001 through February 6, 2010): Total deaths 973, of which 953 were male. Total wounded in action 4,949 of which 4,899 were male.
    Operation Iraqi Freedom (from March 19, 2003 through February 6, 2010): Total deaths 4,365 of which 4,261 were male. Total wounded in action (since May 1, 2003) 31,103, of which 30,495 were male.


    Suicides are perhaps the best indicator of how much it sucks to be a man and what privilege it is to be a woman. When one is pushed to go through with suicide, to make the ultimate sacrifice (as opposed to just making a scene in order to win the drama queen of the day award – calls for attention with fake suicide attempts are, as preponderance of becoming a fake rape victim, also a domain of women) and to take their own life, the pressure on them must have been unbearable.

    For every 100 females ages 15 to 19 that commit suicide, 549 males in the same range commit suicide. For every 100 females ages 20 to 24 that commit suicide 624 males of the same age commit suicide.[48]

    One confusing factor in all this could be the finding that women attempt suicide more often than men. This has mostly to do with the fact that women often attempt suicide not because they mean to kill themselves, but to draw attention to themselves. Whereas most men who attempt suicide do it because nobody pays attention to their problems.

    There are many mechanisms, including governmental institutions and non governmental organizations dedicated exclusively to help women to cope with stressful situations. But hardly any or none at all dedicated to men. With few outlets for men to cope, and with pressure on them being higher than on women, things can build up and go past the breaking point quickly. Add to it the societal pressure on men to cope or be called a girl, a sissy or a deadbeat and it’s easy to see why men actually go through with suicides, as opposed to using them as a call for help.
    6 in 7 Homeless Is a Man, But Societal Misandry Commands to Only Worry About Women
    6 in 7 Homeless Is a Man, But Societal Misandry Commands to Only Worry About Women

    The 2009 Annual Homeless Assessment Report by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development found that 63.7% of homeless in the USA are men.[32]
    Affirmative Action

    In many countries, affirmative action in favor of women is allowed while affirmative action in favor of men is illegal.[35]

    In Canada, an employer in a male dominated field is allowed to discriminate against men and hire women preferentially, whereas an employer in a female dominated field isn’t allowed to hire men preferentially. While affirmative action pretends to be a noble cause, what it does is give women a net advantage in the workplace as a whole and discriminates against men in the workplace as a whole.
    Sexist Billboard Fixed – Teach Your Son How to Respect Everyone
    Sexist Billboard Fixed – Teach Your Son How to Respect Everyone

    In the Netherlands, women have the right to give up an unwanted child for adoption immediately after birth, thereby stripping themselves of all financial responsibility for the child. Men do not have this right.[36][38]

    In the US, a woman can name any man she chooses as the father. The man gets a letter in the mail, if he does not prove he isn’t the biological father within 30 days (problems with postal service are not an excuse) he is now the father, cannot contest it and must pay.[49]

    As per Hermesmann v. Seyer, a woman is entitled to sue the father of her child for child support even if conception occurred as a result of a criminal act, like statutory rape, committed by the woman.[55]

    In some countries, military service is mandatory for men. In many others, men are required to register for selective service.

    In the USA, most male U.S. citizens and male immigrant non-citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 are subjects to the Selective Service System which makes them potential subjects to military conscription.[39]

    In the Netherlands, men between the ages of 17 and 45 are subjects to the draft.[40]
    Government Spending Disparity

    The following figures are from British Columbia, Canada but expect similar government spending disparity in most western societies:

    In 2008/2009 the province dedicated $561,360 on grants toward men’s resources and $98,983,236 toward women’s resources.[50]
    In 2009/2010 BC government spent $1,516,460 on grants toward men’s resources and $57,562,373 toward women’s resources.[51]
    In 2010/2011 BC government spent $3,740,800 on grants toward men’s resources and $48,331,443 toward women’s resources.[52]

    Female-owned businesses get free government money for no reason other than because they are run by a woman (i.e. if you took two businesses of equal niche, size, income and other factors, with the only difference being that one is run by a woman and the other by man, it’s that one difference that will open doors for the one run by a woman to free government money).[53]
    Health Research Disparity

    Obamacare contains 148 special provisions and programs for women but none for men, even though health and life expectancy outlooks for men are much grimmer than for women. The US federal healthcare spending is already 65% on women.[56]

    Men die on average 7 years earlier than women. Before the age of 65 men are three times as likely to suffer heart disease and twice as likely to die from lung cancer than women.

    An entire branch of the UN is dedicated to women issues, but nothing for men.[56]

    There are branches of federal governments dedicated to women’s health issues, but none for men.[57][59]
    Alleged Wage Gap

    Feminazis like to use the allegation that women are paid less than men as basis for their attacks on men. A 2009 study funded by the US Department of Labor titled “An Analysis of the Reasons for the Disparity in Wages Between Men and Women” found that the alleged pay gap only exists because it’s merely a snapshot of average yearly full-time incomes that does not account for overtime (about 90% male), type of work performed, or other voluntary, non-discriminatory factors. In conclusion, the Department of Labor proved that the alleged the pay gap is caused by choices, not discrimination.[60]

    Here’s also a video with Carrie Lukas, Independent Women’s Forum Executive Director who clarified the alleged wage gap that exists between men and women. Ms. Lukas argued that while labor surveys show women earn 77% of what men earn for equal work, in reality women earn, on average, as much or even more than men.[61]

    Here’s another well presented report on why alleged gender pay gap is now what activists claim.[62]

    Another well presented report by a woman who argues that equal pay statistics don’t like with like.[63]
    Feminism Killed Chivalry
    Feminism Double Standard
    Feminism Double Standard

    I have just read an article by a woman who wondered why a man would not offer to help with her heavy bag on an airplane. I would consider it a privilege to punch this bitch in the face.[65]

    Welcome to equality! This is what constant battering of men achieved. The reporter displays blatant misandry and insults men by likening them to peacocks, but in the same breath thinks she deserves special privileges just because she’s a woman. What a fantastic display of feminist mentality – to be disrespectful, entitled, conceited, and detached from reality all at once.

    Could a man in his mid 50’s realistically help a younger, attractive woman without being accused of reinforcing his sexist gender role by assuming that the woman couldn’t take care of herself, or more realistically, be assumed a creep and a rapist looking to get close to his victim? I wouldn’t help any woman either. I would probably not even look at her since mere eye contact may constitute harassment in the eyes of the feminist who seeks to destroy every man for being a man, and since this type of behavior is supported by the judiciary.

    Chivalry is dead, and rightly so. The reason? Chivalry used be a two way street and included a healthy respect for the men who displayed it.

    But man still have it in them. They just can’t afford to risk being cavalier for a realistic threat of having their life ruined by a rape faker. For a man, it’s legally and socially sounder to just treat a woman like another middle aged man.
    Real Women Don’t Need Feminism
    Real Women Don’t Need Feminism

    As for Ms. Katarina Kroslakova, author of the article – have you considered asking for help? I doubt it cause having troubles lifting your bag was not really your problem, as cabin crew would gladly help you with it if they saw you couldn’t do it yourself. Your problem clearly was your deluded sense of entitlement to privilege for being a woman. Your demand that men help you without hitting on you suggests that you have a long history of considering men beneath you and take great joy in rejecting them.
    Mother Nature Knows Men Have It Harder

    On a societal level, facts can be misrepresented in favor of those with bigger mouths (in this case “feminists”), so if you grew up in an anti male society, you have likely been brainwashed to believe that women had it harder than men. Wherever humans with their shortcomings and frailty are involved, duplicity is to be expected. One entity that is above human frailty and as such knows better, is Mother Nature.

    Despite what feminazis and their ilk of pussy whipped men would have us believe, Mother Nature knows that men have upon their shoulders burdens much harder to carry than women and as such will perish at a greater rate, so to compensate for it, she made it so more men are born then women. Nowadays, according to the CIA factbook, current world wide sex ratio at birth is 107 boys to 100 girls.[75]

    This is Mother Nature telling us that men have it harder than women so more of them need to be born to make up for the size of the burdens they have to carry throughout their lives.

    To gain an understanding that we live in an anti male world is not being anti-woman. It’s merely a call for social and legal equality between genders. Not total equality, as that is a ridiculous concept that’s impossible to institute. I’m talking about giving men rights that are denied to them, including human rights such as the right to bodily integrity or the right to access to opportunity whereby men currently have no right to be equal in outcome.

    Feminism, which is a destructive ideology that’s not only anti boy and anti man, but also anti girl and anti woman, should face societal and legal condemnation at minimum equal to terrorism, as its negative effects on the innocent are far more damaging and pervasive.

    Feminists argue against things like female genital mutilation in third world countries, but are okay with male genital mutilation in first world countries. Not to mention that feminists are completely blind to higher suicide rates among men, higher incarceration rates, higher victims of violence and work accidents rates, the draft, visitation rights for fathers, court rulings against fathers, alimony, perception of kind men as pedophiles, demonization and criminalization of male sexuality, pulling a “victim blaming” card if someone doesn’t automatically side with fake rape victim just because she’s a women, et cetera.

    We need to stop treating men like second class citizens who are beneath women – both culturally and legally.

    Societal Misandry in most of what’s known as first world is heavily anti male biased. Most countries have various commissions on the status of women funded by taxpayer dollars, but nothing for men. Many countries provide tax benefits for businesses that are “woman-owned” and have contracts guaranteed to women-owned businesses, but not for men-owned business.

    Most countries have a violence against women act, and/or Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women, but nothing comparable for men, yet men are twice as likely to be the victims of a violent attack.

    Women are granted almost absolute rights to their own born children, yet men only get rights to their own children when granted by the courts or by the legal precedent of marriage to the mother.

    Women live on average 7 years longer, yet countries don’t have departments of men’s health, only departments of women’s health.

    Among women’s rights that men don’t have granted by legal precedent are:

    The right to abortion
    The right to abandon her child without her partner’s consent.
    The right to place her child up for adoption without or against the father’s consent
    The right to lower jail sentences for the same crime, more likely to receive probation than incarceration and also shorter periods of incarceration.
    The right “not to be offended” in the workplace.
    The right to have a man evicted from his home because she says she’s “afraid” of him.
    The right to make false allegations of rape, domestic violence or child abuse with relative impunity.
    The right to keep custody of children after divorce unless proven to be an unfit parent.
    The right to have a man arrested on only her word, with no supporting evidence, upon an allegation of rape.
    The right to women-only clubs, gyms or accommodations.
    The right to use depression, PMS, or “being controlled by a man” as a legal defense and having way more of a chance of it.
    The right to a standard of “self defense” that does not include an immediate threat.

    Responsibilities that men have which women do not by law:

    Selective service (The Draft).
    A requirement to list themselves on a putative father listing to have even the thinnest rights to their children.
    A requirement to support their wives (husbands can be charged with abandonment, wives cannot.)

    Responsibilities that men have which women do not by legal precedent:

    The responsibility to financially support their children (custodial mothers are not slapped with an “earn this much or go to jail” order. Plus mothers are rarely ordered to support their children who are in the custody of the father.)
    The responsibility to accept being forced into parenthood against their will.
    The responsibility to get over their past as men cannot use prior abuse as a legal defense, but women can.


    Men do not have the right to be recognized as victims of rape when forced into non consensual intercourse, nor do they have the right to have those who have perpetuated these acts against them to be charged as rapists.
    Men do not have the right to be recognized as victims of domestic violence and afforded the protections that women are. Men do not have the right to not be arrested for reporting being victim of domestic violence (as per mandatory arrest and primary aggressor laws).
    Men receive on average a 63% percent harsher sentence for identical convictions as a woman, an even larger gap than the racial discrimination in court.
    Men do not have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, especially in crimes of sexual nature, in which they must often prove their innocence. This right has been effectively dismantled in the recent “Dear College” letter. This mandate is not applied generally to women.
    When accused of sexual crimes on a college campus, men do not have the right to be defended by an attorney. Men do not have the right to have their accusation tried and investigated by law enforcement professionals and scents vs given by judges.
    US women use 20% more healthcare dollars over a lifetime but pay the same premiums.
    US women use 50% more social security and survivor’s benefits but pay significantly less tax. In some countries women even get to draw benefits earlier.

  • #137621

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    Oddly, most of the women who argue with you regarding misogynistic views already agree with most of the above. It’s been discussed many times on BG. I’m not blind to the inequality regarding prison terms, rape (victim and accused), parental rights to name a few. The military (US) doesn’t want women in battle so that one isn’t necessarily misandry at work but other aspects of war are unfair to men. There’s this magical place that society will probably never be where there isn’t misandry or misogyny.

    • #137625

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      Please, quote me, and show exactly where and why, what I say is misogynistic! I will wait. When you fail to prove your false accusation, women up and apologize.

      • #137637

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        Saying every woman has a mental disorder is pretty misogynistic.

      • #137653

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        Please quote my actual statements and not your conjecture. Stating facts aren’t misogynistic. As usual, you resort to the misogynistic smear.

      • #137700

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        Well you made videos called the psychosis of women (or something close) and you named various personality disorders that women have. Do you think all women or a very high percentage are mentally ill?

        Why do you even mind being called misogynistic? Why try to shirk the label? It seems like you’d be proud of it. It’s odd how so many channels on YT and commenters have nothing but dislike towards women but get upset over the term “misogynist.”

      • #139114

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        My videos are all backed with scientific and clinical research. Everything I say is backed by scholarly professionals and professors. I provide links to all research and data. Have you studied these findings? It would behoove you to.

        I don’t like being called a misogynist because I am not. It’s akin to calling white people racist for pointing out that blacks do more killings.
        Nothing I say is abusive to women. It might hurt your feelings but it’s not abusive. It’s just truth. It says a lot about you though, equating that to hate.

        The majority of people who coddle females and absolve them of accountability, are misogynist though. They are being sexist by taking away female agency and not letting them fully develop. But most women are ok with this because they rather be givin pussy passes while pretending they are helpless. The fact that women aren’t insulted by this says a lot as well.
        You all call men like me misogynistic though. When all we do is say you are a big adult women who can and should be held to adult standards. You tell me plaster, which group that I mentioned is the misogynists?

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    If women agreed, they wouldn’t shame, mock, ridicule and denigrate me when I speak on these things. Their actions say otherwise of what you claim.

  • #139693

    Lord Wankdust
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    Exceptional copying and pasting @llyounghitlerll . You copy and paste like a twenty-something who still lives at home with his Mom, doesn’t work and thinks a left click, highlight, copy and right click paste is a revolutionary act.
    Your ad hominem attacks on men who have gone their own way and beaten their abusive female ex using the very laws designed to destroy men… well those kinda attacks from you come over as a bit… well… gay. Sort of “Homo Gay“.

    • #139746

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      Although I am nothing you accuse me of, there is nothing wrong with homosexuals. I know I know they threaten your fragile ego……….
      Shouldn’t you be happy us mgtow and “homo’s” are leaving all those extra ladies for you bed??????????? Boy you sure are a contradicting teacher……..

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    Mr Spock
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    There generally is a lot of societal misandry in the world.

    Dating: Women generally have unlimited dating options, even for whatever time of the month it is for them.
    Mens choices are limited. It is fashionable for women to complain about the quality of men out there.
    What the media won’t do is highlight men who are complaining about the quality of women out there, i.e. landwhales, plain women, carousel riders, cougars, princesses, etc.

    Work: The notion that a woman has to be twice as good as a man to get recognised, is false. They only need to be three-quarters as good. I’ve worked in female environments. They are less qualified, less driven, take more holidays, work less overtime and less eager to share knowledge than I am. There is a reason for gender paygap.

    I’m not a woman-hater by the way. I see them as equals. The above is a Spock-style observation of how the world does work.
    I may have to go MGTOW one day, but I don’t really want to. Someday I hope to find a decent woman from the haystack.

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      @mrspock Good luck. No sarcasm. I’ve always had a really good radar. I’ve never thought “where are the good men?” and doubt I ever will. I usually know right off if a guy is okay (not that I’m looking to date) but even co-workers and guy friends. I’m still cool with not okay ones but I’d never fix a girl up with them. Of course I have girlfriends not worth fixing up too. Lol. Seems like for guys, being a player is super obvious and girls are obviously desperate. I notice those very quickly.

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