South Africa is now a failed state just like your nation that is also a failure

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    South Africa is now a failed state like the rest of the world where 9 out of 10 people get killed daily.

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    Empty soul
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    Africa fails because it has niggers in it and niggers are the dumbest, laziest race on the planet.

    Without whites niggers will fail again and again which is why once they kick the whites out it is all over for them.

    The niggers who killed and kicked out the whites out of hatred will then have a sudden change of heart like the cowardly niggers always do and will say “iz lubs dem whites. Isa gona go to deir countries an sheeeeit. Isa gona beez a king and sheeeeit in da whitey land”.

    The sheer hypocrisy of the dumbass lazy coons will then cause a massive tide of anti-black sentiment among the non black populations world wide.

    The niggers will then cramp themselves into tiny spaces in boats and set off to whitey land, enslaving themselves in effect without the “forceful” hand of the white man as they so often like to portray.

    The libtard white SJW countries who take in these black biological weapons will then fail one after another because………well…….they have allowed niggers to be there. Rape, murder and theft will be a way of life in those failed white countries.

    The other white countries who have not let in the niggers yet will know that the niggers are parasites and that after killing their current host they will seek out another to bleed dry. These white countries will then turn into far right countries overnight and start shooting niggers dead at their boarders and amassing armies to keep the niggers out.

    The far right countries will then join together out of necessity thus creating a new Nazi type entity and the dying white libtard countries who first accepted the niggers will have no other option but to accept this forward change and be assimilated.

    The niggers will then be pushed back and out of whitey land and without white aid they will slowly die like the incompetent, worthless shitskins that they are.

    The above is no doubt how it will all go because world history has seen it happen time and time again and history tends to repeat itself.

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    Thats terrible that Afrikaaans can’t get their shit together. I mean they have a whole continent to themselves and its booty.

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