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      The food corporations are putting soy in everything. Soy is full of phytoestrogen which mimics human estrogen. That’s why there are so many effeminate boys now. If you want to avoid it. Eat only non processed foods. Fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds. Only drink out of glass bottles because they put chemicals in the plastic bottles that contain endocrine disrupters. If you want to have a soda pop, get one in a glass bottle made with cane sugar. Don’t consume the artificial sweeteners.

      Go to the grocery store and read the label on all of the baby food formulas. They all contain soy oil without exception. So all the newborn baby boys are being fed estrogen every meal. Essentially turning them into gay soy boys.

      Heres what you can feed your baby boy. Carnation evaporated milk. It’s just cows milk with half the water taken out. This is what women used to feed their babies back around the 40s. You can also give your baby fresh organic carrot juice for all of his vitamins and minerals.

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      Thanks for the incredibly impotent,,, lol, (i just had too bud), he, he! Important information, cause i would have never have known this. I Have been having to Wear TESTOSTERONE PATCHES now, for the better part of 10 years. Besides my Pain Medication That Is Known To have a Small effect on my overall levels, my family Doctor has stated that in her 25 years as a Doctor She has never seen a level of only 01 before.

      A normal level of Testosterone for a 50 some year old Male should be between 5 – 7 so myself being only a 1 has her very concerned, and she booked me in to see a specialist in this area of medicine Feb. 21 st. So I Am truly hoping that if i change my diet altogether, it will also help in raising my overall levels. Mostly because i am so tired all the time brother, that it is bringing-on a severe bout of depression, from always feeling completely exhausted, & down, and as a result i have been struggling to get out, and do something because i lost myself.

      All the things that i use to love doing, like going for ATV rides,,, Ice Fishing,,, and going for a leisurely swim, and then a Sauna, at the pool in Ottawa, the desire to do so has completely left me! Fucken-Sucks Man! So, again Big Thanks to ya, as i will try a different, and healthy diet.

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        Hi Dre, watch all of this guys videos for the full truth about the food supply and how it will kill you.

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        Brother that is low!
        You don’t look overweight in your profile pic.if you are and i mean a spare tyre around your belly try and get rid of it.bellies absorb testosterone and act like female is belly fat that is the worry.even if you have skinny legs and arse ,if you have belly ,you are at risk!

        Sleep,extremely important! You need to sleep well before midnight ,on an empty stomach so that you do not allow yourself to lose testosterone.I know it is hard.I am a nightowl as well.

        Stand up more often ,not sit,be in the early morn sun more often and take vitamin d tablets or eat mushrooms which are loaded with it.canada does not see light for along time!
        That is part of why men from black or brown countries have much higher sperm counts than us western men; more sun!

        Do more exercise even if it is a walk around block! Fresh air and movement get testicles aired and at right temp so can produce testosterone naturally.

        Opioid pain medications can fuck your testosterone as can certain hold-your-pee-in-the-night man medications.

        I do not have time to give all the science.either read quality publications,speak to your docs or just trust me.
        P.s do not stay on patches or injections forever.They shrink your balls like weight lifter! No jokes!

        Good luck


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      Isn’t Carnation full of sugar? It’s the type of thing people put on desserts now right or am I thinking of condensed milk? Soy lecithin is an emulsifier so that kinda explains to me why it’s in a shitload of processed food stuffs but as far as the list of reasons to avoid a highly processed diet goes, this one is probably low priority for me.

      Thanks for the info though!

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        It depends on the product. Buy condensed milk with no sugar added. Just read the label. If you have a baby boy, don’t give him any soy.

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          I don’t intend to populate this planet any further, so it’s all good 🙂 But I’ll pass it on to all my breeder friends. Maybe some soy would make me more feminine! Wouldn’t be so bad.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      It’s so tricky trying to eat and drink good these days. Tap and bottled water are dangerous in different ways. I’d be broker than I already am if I was to buy glass-bottled still water. There used to be lots of natural springs available, even to towns people, when I was around 13, not so much now.

      Our fruit, veg, meat, fish and dairy in Éire is exceptional in comparison to let’s say USA, but still not satisfactory. We still have antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones and pollution in the munch.

      Traditional organic farms have been bulldozed to make way for Starfucks, yay!
      Breast is best.

      I heard that micro plastic is entering the human food chain too, if not already fully established.

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      @Protocols… But it rhymes with boy, how can that be bad?

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      Its a conspiracy

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      To all relevant people above.

      Absolutely right!

      Soy,female -hormone mimics and micro plastics are screwing us and males in particular.

      Soy is also part of the reason why Asian men look feminine in many cases and why asian women look younger longer.

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      …Seriously, POZ just wants shoot his Protoplasm all over our faces!… That’s probably what he’s gonna pitch next.. I highly doubt Soy, by itself, is the culprit… It’s fukn having to keep up with the feeding of a growing population. A very many of us can’t afford certain special diets. Even if you raised your own feedstock, grew your own veggies and such. You would still have to purchase supplies, etc.. Once Der Staatz gets wind of it, well you end up back in the loop somehow.. No?… How do you escape it? How do you know you’ve escaped it?

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      I’m vegan and used to eat quite a bit of soy in 2014 and 2015. Mostly Nasoya and So Good. I really started eating a lot more in 2015. I felt great at the start of the year but by April, I noticed I started feeling “different”- tired, moody, like 24-hour PMS lol. I was weaker. I read up and quit the soy but adjusting back was also just uncomfortable. I have no doubt soy screws with your hormones. I honestly think I got “thrown off” in a permanent way. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

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