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      and about to make really bad choice (neutral face)

      I gotta make my move. Pizza place closes in an hour!

      Torn between BLT pizza or a pizza with couple things and small antipasto salad. Probably same amount of fat between both choices but must have one! (or two if I go with salad option)

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      I went with one small BLT pizza. If you have never had one I highly recommend. You have to be in mood for it though because it is not like typical pizza

      I prefer this style round ,although I have had both. It starts with hand tossed dough, layer of mayonnaise (highly recommend LIGHT) then of course bacon, lettuce and tomato .I also like mine with garlic crust
      (you getting all this thedre?)

      Problem I have with tonight’s pie is they disregarded my requested light coating of mayo and forgot garlic crust. I am also somewhat disappointed in obvious lack of even distribution regarding tomato. BUT they always treat me real well up there, never have a problem and it still tastes absolutely fantastic!

      I honestly could have called and informed them of their negligence but it was like 10 minutes to close and I didnt want to be one of Those People. I am sure even tomorrow they would offer to replace at later date but that is delicate dance, never want to fuck with hand that is feeding you. This will be their one pass

      It may not look pretty but flavor is there. Really is delicious, mayonnaise is bit much but wow very good!

      Goodnight! See you tomorrow 馃檪

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      ugh. now i want pizza. and it’s 4am. damn this post!

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      I am sorry . I actually thought about that later, someone being hungry and me being little ms fancy pizza pants 馃檨

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