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      A while back I attempted suicide I took 32 Benadryl pills didn’t know it was Benadryl at the time I was drinking alcohol not with the Benadryl and long story short of the past and what not I tried to kill myself and now I am going through a rehab education and group therapy session I live in Madison, WI 53715 245 South Park St 302 APT can someone here send me a gun with ammo a shotgun so I can actually kill myself or find a way to plant something in my apartment that would peacefully and painlessly kill myself I want out of this world and I think some of you would agree I shouldn’t be alive in this fucking world but it probably won’t happen but o would appreciate it otherwise ignore this and good watching gore I more or less stop watching stuff on here.

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      My B G Brother, 🙁 please do not do this, as most problems no matter how big they seam at the time are only temporary, and things Will, And Always Do Get Better. What Can I Personally Do To Help Your Situation, what has been bothering you???

      If I Asked Mark To E-Mail You My Personal/Private E-Mail,,, Would You Talk To Me?? Cause offing Yourself Is Not The Solution my Dude, & B G Brother. So Please think about Me, And My Offer Before Attempting/Doing Anything Crazy, 🙂

      The-Dre 🙂

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      Hmm. Hard to say. I have seen the above logo and name in the past and the person did not live in America at all!

      Yet I am not sure and do not want to have this person do something stupid because no one takes them seriously.

      Friend ,@bestgore. I am now almost sure i know you and you know me. So contact me . You know how.

      Either way , please contact someone you trust , thedre as he asks if you trust him or me or anyone else you know. If you don’t want to talk to someone you know ,just ring a priest or self- help line or even talk it over with a barman or taxi driver. Not uber! They are cunts.

      Take your meds! I know you don’t like taking them but take them for now. Ok?

      I wish you the best of luck .



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        The address is not presented in an American way at all. I hope s/he gets a ton of gay porn at that address.

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      Miguel Gonzalez

      Every person has the right over their own life period. If I wanna go then let me go, nobody gonna pay my bills or live my life for me. Personally, I’d rather be dead than suffering or in jail, I’ll choose my own way out. Nobody has the right to force me into a life I don’t agree with.

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      Don’t worry I’m still alive let’s just say I’m waiting for the people in my real life to tell me the truth I know for a fact that I attempted suicide more than once and people have used sodium Pentothal on me before to make me forget things I did in the past or try to help me remember correctly and hopefully when the time comes they will tell me the truth I have done several things that if you had the skill set to do a background check on me and I mean a deep background check on me you might be surprised of the things that I’ve done and what people done to me sorry I didn’t reply earlier I’ve been just taking breaks off of this site and dealing with real life and just going along with the flow wondering whether the people involved in my real life are going to tell me the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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      Maybe. Some cops were sent to a psychotic man’s home here for a welfare check as you say.

      He told them he was fine and to go away. They escalated the problem and even called in a SWAT team and made it worse. It was on our news and the cops were castigated. They deserved it. All gungho fuckheads they were.


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      I wouldn’t mind seeing a video of American police officers getting shot up since they played a role in my previous suicide attempts I’m indifferent whether people take me serious or not that’s their right just questioning whether human life really is valuable.

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      GDPR Harvester

      Nigga same shit. I’m here suffering with some light depression and i had suicidal thoughts. do like me. wait and see how the future is. if you dont like it then i cant tell you what to do but for me, bye bye world

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