Swedish men and women will likely have to write sex contracts as a result of t

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      GDPR Harvester

      Back in 2009, when the world was still kind of sane, I engaged in online mutual masturbation online numerous with a hot Swedish MILF who had big tits.

      I wonder if that would qualify as rape now?

      Sweden’s government is almost exclusively comprised of feminist females. They proudly refer to themselves as a feminist government.

      Funny thing here is, the article makes no mention nor correlation to the impact of migration on Sweden. That country has been notoriously present in news coverage due to increasing crime, violence and rape as a result of allowing migrants into their country.

      I wonder if that has anything to do with this new law?


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      I dont think so. Sweden tried to pull this stunt on Assange the truthteller a few years ago. The whole world cried rape. Yet at the time real Rape groups came out in support of him and it got minimal screentime.thankfully, i saw ,heard and read about it so no revisionism works with me.

      I reckon the swedes just find it an opportune time to pointscore on the world arena and fly the femo flag whilst of course also trying to rein in the mass rapes by rapefugees.

      Sweden letting in those Moslems was like chickens letting the fox into the henhouse because the hunter was after him! Foolish ,foolish Swedes!!


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      What happened to her? Did you see her in real life and have sex? Describe her to us. Just big tits? Pretty face? Nice body? Nice eyes? Personality? Smart/dumb/funny/bitchy?

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        GDPR Harvester

        I never met her, just did the online thing for a while. She lived in Stockholm. She was a fitness instructor with some tattoos and nice teardrop big tits. I would have loved to have those in my face.

        Shaved pussy, fat ass. She was in her 40’s, had a daughter. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous facially but I didn’t care. She was a brunette.

        She wanted to meet but at the time I didn’t have the means to travel that far just for some ass.

        I had a few screenshots of her tits and pussy for solo viewing, as I’m sure she had a few screenshots of my boner cock for herself. I had tittie pictures in one of my phones which I have been locked out of. Can’t figure out how to get back in.

        But I’d probably try to meet her if I ever had to travel to that portion of the world. I’m sure she still looks good.

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          Bravo ! @justanotherguy .she sounds good. I even like how she is a brunette and not stereotypically blonde in this case.

          My only question. Fat ass? Fatass as is in too big and fat or fat ass as in wow! Supernice looking perfectly shaped ass? I think americans call it a “phatt ass”?

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          GDPR Harvester

          Fat ass like the kind that jiggles nicely when you’re pounding from behind. Not too much fat but not skin and bones.Even though she was online, when she stood up to show me I could tell. She bent over a few times as well to give me a nice shot. I still think about her sometimes.

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