Terrorist Cop Keeps Getting Away with Abuse Over and Over

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      Dear Leader Trump wants to make him protected class.

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      John Cordova

      Get on your fucken knees or stomach, just listen. I think the cop was fine.

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        If a cop tells you to jump off a cliff, you jump off a cliff, right? You don’t question a cop’s autoritah!

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          If a cop gives them a lawful order to suck his dick, people will do it.

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      That is a cop that should not be a cop.

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      Seraphim Serenata

      I would be pissed too if I told a bitch to get on her knees and refused…. Lol cop violations are taken out of tax moneys

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      GDPR Harvester

      It raises some red flags?? Lol. Indeed it goes way beyond the shit behavior of one cop. Without accountability most of us are prone to abuse power. I’m glad they appointed a new Police Chief tho, but what else it going to change?

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      Typical scraping of the barrel to get police numbers up . Typical dumb-arse cop; Act first ask questions later.
      If i saw an unarmed woman telling me she cannot kneel my first question would be why.

      I dont know maybe that is just me or maybe i have a brain and am not a sadistic brute…just saying.



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