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      As you should already be aware, Germans are becoming a minority in their own country due to decades of brainwashing made by (((Post-Modernist Marxists))) that managed to induce a deep state of White Guilt into the majority of the German population. Angela Merkel is the top-tier Jew puppet behind the EU and the decline of German native population with her insane anti-White and pro open border policies, like letting millions of rapefugees enter Germany in 2015. The decline of Germany go way behind that incident, but this was like one of the last nails on the coffin.

      Some cities in Germany already present the majority of the population being non-German, like Frankfurt for instance. As always, the White population is the one who pays the bills to keep everything running so parasites can plan without worries their next move to destroy that same White population. More than 90% of those rapefugees are unemployed and will continue to do so. In places like France and England the vast majority of prison inmates are Arab and African muslims. Once the native White population finally becomes a minority in their own countries who is going to pay the bills? That’s when an economic collapse will finally happen. I’ll make another post about it soon.

      This filthy piece of propaganda was produced by none other than a German State-funded television company. You heard it right, native Germans are paying for their own mockery, prejudice, racism and replacement.

      Now here’s an article that better explains this video.

      Last but not least, the great Varg Vikernes gives his opinion about the subject.

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      Empty soul

      If the pure, non-mixed white man is a figure of hate then the pure, non-mixed Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Sub-Saharan Africans etc must also be a figure of hate as well and if they are not the only conclusion left is the notion that the white man is being hated and discriminated against due to the unequal nature of the debate.

      Aryan perspectives matter not one jot because white, blond people exist outside of Nazi-Germany all throughout Europe so to say such physicality must be mocked and/or ended just because of Nazi-Germany is fucking ridiculous as well as being completely insane and illogical.

      This “Aryan reservation” nonsense is just another attack on the hand that feeds them by the minority brigade who, via their own shit for brains logic, fail to see their own racial inadequacies yet obsess over everybody else’s.

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        This commercial is pretty explicit when it comes down to their anti-White and anti-German message, but like I explained before this is something that is happening for decades and got worse since the sheep were loving it. @theprotocolsofzion already made a post with a compilation of 43 anti-White commercials. These views are literally everywhere: the education system, mainstream media, Hollywood, stupid entertainment and reality shows, celebrities in general and the list goes on and on. Here’s a pretty famous one and a great review from Styx.

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