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      Well the last few days two innocent black men were killed back to back. The obviuos protests in each city are starting to organize and do what they do. The stage is beeing set for another furgisson.

      Then last night was the video of a payed hitman who (skillfuly) takes out a pig in hiding. Then later last night in the same city (Dallas TX) there was a shootout between a group of armed men and about 100 police. Several cops were killed and close to a dozen injured. They claimed it was a very well organized/coridinated attack. It included a baricaded gunmen and several snipers on different roofs. They claimed to be targeting police to get justice for the innocent black man amongst many others. The main gunman was killed so im wondering who is giving this statement. Especialy considerng not a single names been dropped yet. The gunman are beeing considered reverse racist (hating white people) because of their view on justice and claiming white people are partialy responsible. Im wondering who the fuck said this because their leader is dead and the cops are saying they have minimal info. Media over hype maybe, trying to enlarge their pockets and spread their lies?? False flag?? Black op?? Or maybe it realy was a group of people who had the balls to say “your people too. That shiney badge wont stop a bullet.” Maybe it was realy a group of concerned citizens taking a stand. Or like alot of the time, its a lot more fucking complicated then it appears.

      But no matter what or who is responsible, things are about to change. Its like i can feel it in the air. The message is clear nun the less. Armed group targeting 100 cops?? Yeah. Shits fixing to change. Weather its a slow, fast, or violent, it seems small groups of people setting a different stage for something MUCH larger.

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