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      The Royal Canadian Mounted police paid a visit to my home today. Apparently The director of The Canadian Communications Security Establishment, Shelly Bruce, called the Ottawa police on me complaining that I am harassing them.

      Just to make it clear, I am a targeted Individual, and The Canadian Communications Security Establishment is responsible for a major part of my targeting. They control Canada’s Signals Intelligence program. They are using frequencies to manipulate my nervous system in order to shock me and torture me daily.

      So, I sent them a bunch of messages insulting them and telling them that they are criminals and are going to spend the rest of their ives in prison for crimes against humanity. Apparently that hurt their feelings. So they called the Ottawa police, and the Ottawa police called the RCMP in British Columbia to come and knock on my door. The RCMP let me know that if I don’t stop “harassing” the people that are torturing me, that I will be put in handcuffs. That’s life in Canuckistan for you.

      Apparently, Shelly Bruce didn’t like me calling her a corrupt criminal cunt and traitor trash. That hurt her feelings. Poor little Shelly, doesn’t like being called names by people she is having tortured.

      I wrote about how they conduct their torture activities on May 31st. Here’s the link.

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      An aerial view of CSE’s new building. The overall contour of the building is intended to imitate the distinctive shape of a maple seed, also called a maple key.

      1929 Ogilvie Rd, Gloucester, ON K1J 0B9
      CSE's new building

      Shelly Bruce, a linguist and former intelligence analyst, leads Canada’s codebreaking agency, the Communications Security Establishment. CSE, National Defence, and CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, are responsible for doing Canada’s foreign intelligence work.

      Shelly Bruce, The Canadian Monster Lady.

      Shelly Bruce


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        Damn, she really is one pathetic and miserable looking sack of fat corrupted tailor trash lesbian shit isn’t she?
        Sorry you have to put up with her shit.

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      Shelly’s favourite doll as a child.


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      Canuckeestanee POZ, Did you send comms saying she was a cunt etc in BG only or with paper ,message bank or electronic means as well?

      It would be good to know what led to this caution by Mounties?

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      You should consider relocating to a safer country that at least somewhat respect basic human rights. Canada is not that country. Canadian tyrants have large budgets for endless harassment of awake individuals and they won’t hesitate to use it.

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        @happy It’s actually a future goal I have in mind. I’d love to live somewhere tropical. Canada’s cold as hell. I’ve been to South East Asia multiple times. I like it over there more than Mexico or South America.

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          @theprotocolsofzion once they wrap their tentacles around you, you will have wished you got the fuck out sooner. The loss you will incur then just to stay alive will far outweigh whatever it would cost you to relocate. I guess what I’m saying is it may be worth extra loss to speed up your escape, than wait till they put their dirty paw on you. And by the sound of it, they are already working on a plan to make it happen, they’re just waiting for the opportune impulse. I speak from my own experience, as you know, and trust me, you will have wished you used whatever resources were available to you to remove yourself from their reach, because once they tighten the grip, all those resources will have been lost and you will be multitudes worse off in every way.

          Once outside their reach, then you can remotely take care of affairs in Canada, as it will once again be cheaper to pay a law firm to take care of business on your behalf, than once you got snatched by the tentacles. Don’t make that mistake. There is no clear winner as far as where to relocate to, as each country has positives and negatives. None is all good. So you will have to take risks and maybe re-relocate several times. Stay vigilant at all times, keep low profile and blend into the crowd, and look after your health.

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          Thanks for the advice.

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      Happened to me a couple of years ago. Cops came on the order of the RCMP, confiscated my firearms and took me down to a mental institution for evaluation. One of the many reasons they gave for doing it was the fact that I frequent this site.

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        Dude, you need to start using Tor for internet browsing and register with a username that doesn’t link to you easily. All people residing in Canada should. @darththork99

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          @happy ,I have used Tor and it is too bloody slow le doesn’t get the requisite number of nodes etc.

          I still have It and check It out every week or so. I run it on Android etc.

          If you get much better service than i do pls let me know what you do and which platform. Do you run a vpn even before you use Tor?

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          @hopingfornemesis I only access the internet with my laptop, so I can’t attest to the use of Tor on mobile devices. I have been running BG on Tor for years, and have never had problem. Sure, you get faster speeds using a straight browser, but a little loss in speed is worth the gain in privacy and anonymity I get with Tor.

          As for VPN – be very careful with those. People like me are always a challenge for TPTB to track, because I frequently move from one location to another, so my ISP constantly changes and that’s incredibly frustrating to track, especially since I also use Tor.

          Thus, if I fell for the VPN trick, regardless of the change of my location and the ISP, all my internet usage would be funneled through the VPN’s servers. So what are VPNs really for? Anonymity or ensuring all your browsing passes through the same servers so it’s easy to know what you’re up to regardless of what other steps you do to protect yourself? From a purely logical standpoint, VPNs are probably the worst thing anyone could do for their online privacy and anonymity.

          Tor is open source and nods are run by independent entities, so it’s not the same as proprietary software used by VPNs to whom with your signup you give a total and unobstructed view of everything you access on the internet in one place. VPNs would thus be an internet spy’s wet dream.

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          Thanks you for your prompt and comprehensive reply. I do have a laptop as well so I Will give the Windows version of Tor a try and see if It is faster. Fair enough about security being more important than speed.


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        Surely you are joking! If they really came and saw you pls tell us the the real reason.

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          Posting edgy memes and having very open contempt for law enforcement, as well as being a known firearms enthusiast. At least that’s the short version of it. I didn’t get charged with any crimes and I recently got everything back, since I managed to get a deal with the court.

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          Seems like overkill . Nothing pisses off power than being laughed at or not revered…

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      Times like these where living in Lebanon comes in handy.

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      That is crazy brother. I mean you contact them, and tell them to stop fucking with your brain with a couple of insults thrown-in, and “They”,,, or “That Cunt” call The Cops on You??,,,, YOU?? W.T.F. is that Bullshit?? 🙁

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        @thedre Yeah, just like the Jews do, exact same thing. The Communications Security Establishment cries out in pain as they strike you. LOL.

        A criminal predator trying to play the victim. Fucking jokers.

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      Lord Wankdust

      @theprotocolsofzion Get out of Moosefucker Country. Come to fucking Scotland and rent a caravan in the hills. Or a slum in North Lanarkshire. Or take flight to a Western Island and live in a cave. It’s all good. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🦈🍺🦌
      I mean Canadia for fuck sake… William Shatner fucked Leonard Cohen and out popped K D Lang.

      The only thing that might be good about Canadia could be Newfoundland and their slight Viking and Scottish Bloodlines.

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