The Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup

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      Excellent vid about something dear to my heart;the adulteration of foods. I am lucky in that we do not put this crap into our softdrinks here and we grow our own sugar.

      No doubt the gov taxed the fuck out of sugar and gave those corn growers subsidies to win votes in the Fuckstates.

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        That tears it! I’m tossing my Hanna Montana cereal…tomorrow.

        Did you know… Here in the “fuckstates” we also grow sugar. CA, HI, LA being the 3 largest growers of sugar cane. There also are sugar beet farms which yield over a million acres per year. Each of these taproots contains 20-30% sugar. In other words, we also grow sugar in the fuckstates.
        As for the taxation of a domestic crop in an attempt to drive it from the marketplace in favor of another domestic crop just to get votes…Wow!
        There’s has been, where I live, a sharp increase in corn farming, but, a small amount goes to cow farms and the rest is converted into ethanol.
        All that said, nobody can deny the flood of corn sugar inundating processed foods and drinks. It’s on all the labels. It’s an inexpensive form of sugar that has been widely used but the consumer is becoming more educated and making better choices. This education will eventually lead to a demand for more sugar cane cultivation and drive corn syrup into obscurity.
        I just cannot see a politician betting his entire career on a commodities market that has historically always been extraordinarily unpredictable. Even imposing some kind of a tax on a crop to favor another crop is a bit of a stretch. Of course I could be wrong. I’ve never been a new world order conspiracy theorist with bomb shelters littering my lawn.

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          Don’t be so touchy! We have vote -seeking politicians here as well you know! We also have commodities being taxed for the benefit of certain farm /producer groups as well.

          I only said Fuckstates for colour and would use the same word for our fuckstates here as well. I am not on an anti-american mid-west rant. I am on an anti -Globalist,anti-moneygrubbing politician rant. An anti-commodity state ,anti -pork-barelling state , if you will.

          As for your last paragraph ,well i wont answer because i know you know better.

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        My last paragraph is strictly opinion. TBH, if I were a politician, I’d be unemployed in record time. Suck-ass backstabbery does not come naturally for me.
        If you wish to add color, stick to finger painting your name on your helmet.
        As for being touchy, Dano speaks his mind. Not touchy. So go fuck yourself and…and…go look for eggs on Easter Island!
        Before I forget, I wrote a poem for you. It’s entitled, “Please Eat My Ball Spit”
        Actually, that’s all I have but I’ll get back to you when I finish.


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          Oh shucks! Did I offend your poor sensibilities by mentioning a few home truths? I am sorry you took offence to my original post about us not using cornsyrup.

          HFN also speaks his mind as well. Is that ok with you ?

          Go fuck yourself too partner. Thanks.


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          Well then, you might try some Zoloft with that sugar.


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          GDPR Harvester



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      How ironic is it that doctors named Sinatra and Flavin sing about the adulteration of food! Haha

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      For those interested Australia had one of the best Foods Standards Codes in the World and still comes very high in the OECD. Our cattle are grass fed ,not fed meat or fish meal as in other places.

      When we joined the Globalist market we were forced by our Atlantic Cousins to dumb down our standards to allow the US- sourced foods to enter the country. Notice ,i said dumb down. The Us did not up its standards of food prep but forced us to dumb down.

      We also produced all our own petroleum products and then were forced to go onto the “worldprice” so that now average people worry about petrol prices.

      We have so much electicity it was going to waste. So what did our Globalist cocksucking politicians do? Privatised every thing to shit ! So that now Japanese householders pay one /third the price i do to use OUR natural gas. This scandal only came out a few months ago and average people in australia went ballistic!

      Brownouts were unheard of here and only occurred in natural disasters. Now we have Californian-style brownouts here because our uppity energy retailers like channelling Enron!

      So does this author go on anti- american rants every so often? Yes ,he does because American-led globalism has fucked the world ,the USA and my country!

      Why haven’t others told you these things? Maybe because they did not know it,were not bothered to find out,too young to know ,were in on it or just could not care less if the world burned about their ears.

      So please forgive the author if he goes on a rant every so often. He loves all his Yankee friends on a personal level as always.

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