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      Muja Mi Rona

      The real-life internet police is a thing in God forsaken Australia.

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      She sounded adorable though. Might write down that phone number and ask for a pic.

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        Muja Mi Rona

        She does sound adorable. Here is a hot bitch with a lovely English accent especially for you Jack. I don’t think she is legit a nurse but who cares because she’s a fuckin shag, bang, ride!

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          You know, I frequently hear English saying “bollocks” but never knew it’s exact meaning until I just now looked it up. If she’s certified to treat my bollocks then they’re all hers. No bollocks.

          By the way, I had a bit to drink last night and messaged lovely Megan in the first video. I asked her to marry me but she never replied… 🙁 stuck up bitch.

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      Victoria in Australia, especially the city of Melbourne, seem to be the testing grounds for forced vaccinations, majorly increased censorship, and social credit system mimicking China. Among the draconian measures imposed by the government, are:

      1. Strict curfew 8pm-5am. (76 people were fined for breaching curfew within the first 24 hours, including a man fined $1652 for getting a burger on the way home from work)

      2. Mandatory masks in all of Victoria, even in towns where the nearest COVID-19 case is an hours drive away

      3. No travel except for “essential activities”

      4. Army deployed at stops outside of Melbourne to prevent anyone getting out or in. Heavy police and army presence on foot in the streets and on the roads and in the skies (remember, army and police are essential to the “elites”, as succinctly outlined in the Protocols of Zion)

      5. Police can enter homes without a warrant and there are reports of police breaking car windows to force people to hand over details

      6. The media and government openly talk about forced vaccinations

      Last I checked, Australia had 458 COVID-19 deaths. Their annual influenza death rate sits at about 500-800, and they’re saying influenza has completely disappeared in Australia this year (you know what that means… all common flu deaths are attributed to COVID)

      Average annual suicide rate is about 3000, but this year they’ve already surpassed that number. The majority of suicides occur in people under 44.

      Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison has already bought the rights to the “vaccine” and is on record saying he wants vaccines to be “as mandatory as possible”

      I mean… it’s bad in Australia, but this won’t stop in Australia. Once they have their test run, they will force it onto the rest of us. We are truly seeing the attempted subjugation of the planet via a staged pandemic.

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        @happy The grocery store where I shop just made it a rule that everybody has to wear a mask to enter the store. They posted two signs. I walked in without a mask. There were probably 20-30 other people not wearing a mask. So they posted the signs but people are ignoring it.

        Also, they never said a word to anyone not wearing a mask. So they don’t have anybody enforcing their new rule. No employees said a word to anybody ignoring the new rule.

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        Muja Mi Rona

        Curfews must be hell, everything we see coming out of Australia is hellish. Suprised they don’t have “quarantine camps” like NZ.

        Gov here in Eire are dying to push legislation to allow guards to enter our dwellings. Media reporting that the guards don’t want to be given these powers(?). A decision will be reached in the next 2 weeks on that one. More protests planned for that.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Australian arrested for a fb post.

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        Oh fuck me, I just realised @hopingfornemesis lives in Melbourne. Hope he’s alright, he’s been gone almost 2 weeks…

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        The video reflects on a lot of wrongs with the world. Things like – the woman automatically asserting female privilege. Or the cops being the primary tool of oppression more important to the parasitic class than feminism.

        That being said – Australia is pretty fucked, but so is Canada, USA and other such countries. I have long seen the writing on the wall and stayed the fuck away never to return. I feel sorry for the lot of you still stuck in total ZOG holes. However that doesn’t mean the rest of us will not follow. Because we will. But we’ll have a chance to see the course which the parasites will follow.

        This is the post she made and was arrested for. Had she been Hispanic and made bootlicking posts before murdering white people, the cops would have been there to congratulate her and the press would sanctify her:

        Post on Facebook That Got Aussie Woman Arrested

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          Muja Mi Rona

          Add Ireland to the zoghole list Marko. They are more shady here because our island is so small and historic and they’ve a head start because our people have been mind-fucked for 1600+ years. Lots of big players have interests here, they can sway whole towns. In the news for a couple of months now is talk of a new city to be populated by Hong Kong escapees.

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          @1purple8 there will not be many places in the whole world where this is not gonna spread into. Virtually all governments acted on the “elite’s” orders to impose restrictions on the people and ruin the economy and there is no way any head of state would not know the virus is not what they feed us with. They know they are deliberately lying to the peoples of their country and are ruining their lives, thus it’s only a question of time before they take the next step. However, Australia seems to be leading the way at present time in this. That’s not saying all is fine in Ireland, but Australia is beyond the “holy shit” stage.


          This regulation requires an “exit visa” not unlike in the Palestine. If you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident you cannot leave Australia unless you have an exemption. You can apply online but you must meet at least one of the following:

          1 – your travel is as part of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, including the provision of aid
          2 – your travel is essential for the conduct of critical industries and business (including export and import industries)
          3 – you are travelling to receive urgent medical treatment that is not available in Australia
          4 – you are travelling on urgent and unavoidable personal business
          5 – you are travelling on compassionate or humanitarian grounds
          6 – your travel is in the national interest.

          From some quick searches, it seems that 3 out of 4 requests for an exit permit are currently being rejected according to this:

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          Muja Mi Rona

          I am actually feeling quite optimistic the past few days @happy. Even mainstream radio changed their tune this morning. No covid deaths here in well over a month. Gov has scraped proposed new Garda powers to enter the home and yesterday the Health Passport organization deleted nearly all of their social media because we left some comments.
          And in real life, I’m not seeing anyone happy about the situation. I haven’t heard anyone saying they support masks. They only do it out of fear of confrontation.
          Protests planned here for 12th September.
          Antifags doin counter protests too, gonna be funny to see the little weasels with no support. ✌️

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      The Aussie lady got smacked with a $20,000 fine. To a working class person who got screwed enough financially by the scandemic, this is life crushing. And all that for wanting to organize a protest against measures that cause the people to suffer in the first place.

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      In the video, an Aussie guy talks about the ridiculous COVID measures in Australia, and the “don’t listen to your friends if they don’t think COVID is dangerous, trust us in the mainstream media” type propaganda.

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      Another Aussie arrested for not supporting the plandemic bullshitry:

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        Daaaa-Fuck was That Mark???
        They are supposed to let you know what the Warrant Was For,
        Then,,, they have to inform you if you are about to be Arrested,,
        And then,,, you have the right to read The Court-Ordered Warrant was issued for, and exactly what search will be done on that day

        And “ALSO VERY-IMPORTANT” Warrants have time lapses, and are only valid for the time indicated on them. For example,,, for a murder investigation the premises can be locked down for months while the investigators gather died blood samples from having to tear up a carpet,,, remove sheets of drywall,,,etc.etc. So the warrant for something serious like Murder can last for a couple of months.

        But for something that was was this miner,,, they could have at least taken the time to explain-it nicely, and patiently, if the wanted any luck in having the person cooperate. But being that this guy was *No Sheeple* therefore very-intelligent, (He Boldly Refused) which I cannot blame him one bit for doing. As I Myself,, along with many of You’s Awakened-Individuals I’m sure, Would Have also done The Exact Same Thing, If it had happened to You’s.

        Australia has followed in New-Zealand Footsteps, except that New-Zealand have quite the influx of New Zionist-Jews Running rampant in their New Country far away from the U.S. That they financially ruined, and have completely indebted-it to the I.M.F. And The 17 Trillion they Owe China. first of course. and its brand new

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      Probably time to really look into purchasing some assault rifles.
      That’s how you have to deal with evil.

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        Empty soul

        I wouldn’t bother expressing such sentiment if I were you. Self defence on here hasn’t been all that popular recently.

        Why arm yourself and fight back against those who wish you harm when you can just submit to the mob of whatever flavour. Be insulted, beaten and burned to the ground.

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          Ok, a lot of assault rifles then.

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          Americans have guns, yet never use them despite being brutalized by cops left and right. Even when a whites hating Mexican half nigger killed white guys, nobody fired back at him in self defense. Guns are nothing when you’re all bark, no bite, or simply use them to further deepen the police state terror.

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          Empty soul

          To be fair, the self-loathing white hating wiggers and Antifa BLM supporting wiggers at that did try to fire back at him but their soy induced limp wrist couldn’t aim properly and so they missed.

          Anyway. If a cop was setting fire to your home and you shoot him it would still be self defence. Self defence is self defence no matter the attacker. If somebody is trying to harm or kill you fight back and worry about the consequences of that action from a position of personal safety and if it is illegal to defend yourself from harm it is the law that is wrong, not you.

          I don’t want a police state anymore than I want a BLM nigger state or a Antifa communist state so I am all for people actually fighting back against mob rule.

          As for how this all pertains to this current topic of internet police well that is obvious. If the police knock on your door and try to police your thoughts you tell them to fuck off and don’t let them in. You defend yourself basically. The only reason why they get away with it and why the law enables it is because everybody just submits to them meekly without even the slightest struggle.

          If everybody told them to fuck off there wouldn’t be much the police could do except arrest the whole country which in itself would make global news and cause them to backtrack.

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      Melbourne, Australia

      This is the city of Melbourne, where the police break down people’s doors and arrest them for posts on FaceBook.

      In this instance, police surrounded and intimidated the protesters, picking them off one by one to arrest and fine them. The cops do that to their fellow countrymen because they don’t see you or I as equal to them. They consider themselves to be above you or I. They follow the orders of their masters and love every moment of being able to ruin the lives of those they consider inferior, knowing they get away with heinous crimes. ACAB!

      The Stanford experiment in a way explains why the cops do that and it is why the authoritarians train and use the cops to keep the populace down with a boot on the face… Forever!

      In Melbourne, a squad of cops also turned up to fine and arrest people FISHING!

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      I f**king hate living here. I would leave but you know they won’t let me leave the country let alone the f**king state.

      Hell even living in the Philippines and being risked at being shot by a some g00k on a bike wearing flip flops would be better then being here. Because at there I could own a gun, post FB posts and have some freedom. F#ck my country.

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      Australia is truly aiming to become a prison island. They are considering jailing all COVID-19 “conspiracy theorists“.


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