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      The Pfizer Circle of Hell - Create Symptoms and Provide Solutions

      Create symptoms and provide solution with their own symptoms that will need a solution. That way you will be caught in having to take their pills forever.

      Nearly 70 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two. Twenty percent of patients are on five or more prescription medications.


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      Lord Wankdust

      Endless prescriptions to “treat” that which cannot be really named or described adequately let alone cured. There is no comeback to say the drugs didn’t work… just a sort of “Well, try this then…” kinda response. Big Pharma’s favourite kind of medication… drugging people endlessly when there is nothing really wrong with them that a good diet, some regular exercise, a healthy dose of fun and love in their life (or the equivalent) wouldn’t sort out.

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        Empty soul


        Its the old rock through the window routine whereby they intentionally fuck up something in order to come forward with a solution to fix it……at a price.

        Demand and supply is most profitable when it is controllable after all.

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          Very true . What resonated a lot with me was the “controllable demand and supply”. Big Business always rails about “socialism” and giving transfer payments to the citizens and loves cutting back conditions and pay for workers . Yet…BigBusiness loves those gov contracts! See arms ,food and pharmaceutical manufacturers where most of their production goes to govs ie armies,hospitals etc
          See Halliburton overcharging US and NATO taxpayers even when they were already in the gravy train!

          In a similar vein ,the gov here, (a very business- oriented gov ) was left red-faced because no private company was willing to manage an airport on reasonable terms and the gov had to threaten part -nationalisation of the electricity sector because of the extreme price-gouging by the rapacious insects had left citizens enraged. It made the gov party look like fools as they were singing the benefits of privatisation for so long ,only for their backers to leave them in the lurch.
          There is no honour among thieves.



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          @Empty soul

          I’m still waiting brother.
          Why You Do Dis To Me Dimmy Why?? Why Dimmy whyyyyy??? 🙁

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      Holy-Shit Mark,,, You Just Described Half Of My Medicine Cabinets Contents, lol. HALF Brother! 😉 And even with my Wife Cathy’s Employees Drug Benefit Plan that Covers 85% of all Prescription Drugs,,, it Still Costs me about 140 Bucks A Month.

      So Can You Imagine how much money those Fucking Jew-Scum Are Making Off Of The Insurance Companies (THAT THEY ALSO OWN) i’m sure, lol, and Run a Complete Racket with??? One Company Makes Billions in Profit, while the other Company Makes-It Look (To The Taxman) that It’s Barely Surviving.

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      That fucking wheel looks like i’m The Carouseler, instead of her. Cause I ends-up Getting Fucked Either way, lol. 🙁

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      pharmakeia is sorcery and witchcraft so, anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs are possessed. it should come as no surprise that the khazars peddle drugs to the retarded. they take your money and your soul. real men don’t go near that shit. throw that poison in the bin and grow a pair.

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      this is absolutely the god’s honest truth. it’s much worse to take medication, most of the time. i tried to take meds for my depression once. it screwed me up, so i quit and never looked back. i’d rather be depressed and want to jump of the nearest bridge than take prescribed meds and *still* be depressed and wanna jump, plus a billion side effects. damned if you do and damned if you don’t. i choose the don’t.

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        Lord Wankdust

        @xunseenx You never “quit” anything. That implies “giving up” and being “unable to run the course”. “Quitting” implies a lack of strength.
        You decided not to be a “Pharma Junkie”. You decided to run the course of you depression on your own terms. Deal with the highs and the lows. That is Life. Big Pharma will tell you that feeling up and down is wrong, that you need zombie-medicated ad infinitum for something which isn’t cureable. Throughout History Mankind has just had to deal with those feelings through Life, Love and Physical Activity (activity is an excellent depression treatment by the way). You saw their horseshit for what it was and didn’t “quit” you made a positive decision to turn your back on their lies and crap – well done.

        Stay cool. Ride those waves. You’ll get to an inner place where you can be okay most of the time.

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          thank you so much for this response! it helps to hear feedback and validation from those who choose to deal with life and emotions without medication. you won’t (or maybe you would!) believe how difficult that is to come by now-a-days both from family and friends and from the medical professionals.

          when you struggle with depression the first thing people say is “get therapy” and “take meds” without even knowing you. and if you opt out of that whole mess, then you’re labeled as being not compliant with recommended treatment.

          i only tried the meds for a couple of years, maybe less, while going through therapy. never before, and never again.
          during that time in my life i was going through a heartbreaking and soul shattering life event that triggered the depression. hopefully, that will never happen again, but even if it did, i know now how to deal with it. i wouldn’t be broken the second time around. so i suppose it was a good thing, having that happen and learning all of the coping skills for future shit.

          it’s just such a shame that people jump immediately to therapy and drugs to deal with legit life traumas that, well, of course they’re going to make you depressed. it’s nature. don’t try and shove drugs down someone’s throat because they’re grieving, you know? let it happen, and let it pass in its own time.

          i can say a ton and go on and on about this topic, as i feel strongly about it, but i try not to get too personal about stuff in here. you never know who’s reading, and no one probably cares to hear my run my mouth about it anyway. lol

          thank you, again, for the support!!! <3

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          Lord Wankdust

          @xunseenx I am glad it helped a little. I really meant it too. Sometimes Life events are so MASSIVE and OVERWHELMING that our normal little lives cannot accommodate them. My much-missed late brother explained this to me sitting by the North Medwyn on a Spring day about 12 years ago. The water flowed past, a few Grayling stirred. We’d wept for a dead 16 year old for a year at this point.

          We are like a teacup which can deal okay with the M & M-sized troubles of normal life (money worries, housing, bills, Old Aunt Mary passing away, car needs replaced, new job). Mostly that is what normal life tosses at us and we cope relatively fine. Our teacup-sized lives can contain those neat little packages. Without much trouble.

          Then overwhelming events hit us and it is like trying to fit a football into that little teacup. It is impossible. But we don’t know it is impossible. We keep trying but it will NEVER fit. This is where people are OVERWHELMED and feel they cannot cope. Big Pharma LOVES this stuff. They’ll start writing prescriptions straight away…

          The real solution – explained my dear, late bro – is that we must expand. At the very time we want to shrink and hide. We have to grow our lives to help accommodate that massive, shattering event. The event has still happened. It ain’t going away anywhere (ever). The only way for a human being to be able to deal with its immense scale is to grow around it in order to contain it, to make new friends, do new things, get out more, take up new hobbies, plenty of fresh air and exercise, dig the garden, dig an old neighbour’s garden for them, travel a bit if you can, cook nice food, keep working, read more, write something, ANYTHING but shrink in a corner taking drugs or self-medicating.

          It is an awkward truth. But it is the truth. Ride those waves. Highs and Lows. Take care @xunseenx .

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      If you should choose to tell us ,I would be glad to hear .


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        “pharmakeia is sorcery and witchcraft so, anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs are possessed. it should come as no surprise that the khazars peddle drugs to the retarded. they take your money and your soul. real men don’t go near that shit. throw that poison in the bin and grow a pair.”

        …. does Andre know that’s what svarg thinks of him!? He’s gonna be crushed, since he can’t stop taking drugs as he will have a heart attack from the pain he would be in…hahaha, it just keeps getting better! @thedre is possessed by drugs, according to svarg. No way around that, is there?
        Svarg 💓 andre

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        thank you for caring, nem <3

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