The pros and cons of being homeless with other nasty shit that comes along

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      Road Pavement

      The pros of being homeless is you do not pay rent nor bills or any of that shit, You can live almost anywhere until the police dogs find you and maul you into death, Or you can sleep in a convent place where you wake up in the morning to get a cup of coffiee and brakfast but then again the cops stair at you while you wake and beat the living shit out you with 25 inch batons until you cannot get beaten anymore, Later they check out the coffiee shop while your being mauled to death by a pack of police dogs.

      Walking to town to town, A nice idea if your drifter and or nomad but the draw back in you walk for miles even weeks to get to the next town and it could be a ghost town and you have to move on, Another draw back you can get mauled by a pack of wild animals or abducted by sex crazed space aliens that will give you a gender change with a ray gun that turns you from a man into a big breasted sex goddess and used for breeding experiments, Another draw back in you can get ran over like road kill leaving your remains scattered all over the road letting scavagers eat up your remains.

      Another worst possable shit you can get abducted by a human trafficing ring and sold on the market and used as a sex slave somewhere in another part of the world. Another worse possable shit that can happen when it gets dark and you camp out in a abandon building in the middle of no where and some fucked up shit is happening and when you least expect it some sort of fucking demon of some sort grabbs you by the balls and pulls you into the floor and into the basement and starts ripping out you guts with a meat hook.

      Here is another one we are aware off, You do not shower for months even year or decades leaving you smelling like something you farted out of your ass and died, The smell could be so bad that even you cannot with stand your own stench and you wind up puking all over the state troopers car leaving you getting your ass kicked into a bloody pulp by a group of state troopers.

      Oh yeah if you get thrown in jail with a cell mate, This over sized horney mother fuck will rape you death, Even worse you could wind up in a mental instution being used as a lab rat for experimenal weapons to be used on the enemy.

      If you have any other fucked up shit that could happen to homeless people let us know.

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      Being homeless sounds kinda cool. I go to work every day and deal with bull shit for what? Every thing I own is shit. I don’t too much give a fuck about material things anyway though. Sometimes it drives me crazy thinking about working my life away for shit I don’t need and don’t care about but what else is there?

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      Several years ago I got “involved” with this homeless chick. She was mental as fuk, but just as hot. Needless to say, in my sexually fouled selfishness. I moved her into an abandoned van a couple of blocks away from the YMCA I was staying in at the time. Awww Jeeez, the nastiness that went on in that van… Anyway a couple of months later, they towed the van with my sidebitch in it… Ain’t seen her since!… There’s your fukn pros an cons!

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