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      I was a fan of the original “The Purge” movie and wondered if TV would do it as well. So far, it’s quite good.
      I think it was smart to make it a 10-episode series instead of an ongoing show. Something like the Purge event can’t go on and on. I do wonder if it will be Purge Day all 10 episodes.
      As of episode 2, the Purge just started.
      I like that several plot lines are people doing contract killings. I mean if you’re going to kill your boss but have to work that night, pay someone else while it’s legal.
      I also like the crazy cult going around sacrificing themselves to ax murders and clubbings so they can go to “the Invisible” which is a Heaven, presumably.
      Is anyone else watching? Does anyone think there’s a hit on Jane (the black woman who put a hit on her boss)? Any other observations?

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      The Running Man type race was also fun. And just like in The Running Man, people WOULD watch. People like us.

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