The Rock's "little" cousin has the same killer physique

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      Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was always in great shape. He still looks great but the absence of steroids seems impossible at this point. However, his younger cousin Joe Anoa’i (WWE Roman Reigns) in still in his twenties and his muscle seem all-natural. He’s also following in The Rock’s footsteps by being a huge success in pro-wrestling. Some excellent workout shots below. He’s a beast.

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      Hugh Woattmeigh

      The rock was using steroids since his teenage years.Most people dont mention that he had bitch tits or “gyno” back then which is an indicator of it.Im guessing he ran heavy dosages but couldnt get results so he started telling people that steroids dont that he’s got the results by knowing how to use them properly he still claims not to use them,complete pussy in my opinion and people will still praise him for it.

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