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      One of the many pathologies of 21st Century America that was illustrated by the events of Charlottesville is the utter cluelessness and/or cowardice of the average normie. Any of you who have spent any amount of time discussing politics, philosophy, or religion with normies know exactly what I’m talking about. The empty slogans, thought-free virtue signaling, and knee-jerk patriotism can almost be too much to take even during relatively peaceful times. The past few weeks, however, have been particularly black-pilling and enraging.

      The saddest part of this, at least for me, is that Southern normies are not only no exception to the rule, but many of them go above and beyond the usual bromides in an effort to counter-signal either their own heritage or that of the people surrounding them. These unfortunate souls are able to find what they believe to be more belonging and group solidarity in joining the cacophony of voices that shit all over them rather than defending something that, in their heart, they know to be noble and worth defending. I don’t know, maybe I spend too much time in bars, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the following since August 12:

      “Yeah, there’s a lot about Southern history we shouldn’t be proud of.”

      “How would you feel if you were black and had to look at those statues everyday?”

      “I mean, these guys were Nazis, what did they expect was gonna happen??”

      “Trump’s right, there WAS violence on both sides.”

      “We fought a war against those Nazi bastards.”

      “Something something something slavery, therefore the statues should go.”

      Just your basic surface-level garbage. And no, these are not just boomers. All generations are represented in the above quotes, including the “greatest.” Are there exceptions to this? Of course, but I am finding them few and far between outside our circles. It’s as though the Southern normie has been so brow-beaten and bullied with stereotypes, ridicule, and condescending lectures that he has given up on the very idea of not only a Southern identity, but any identity beyond the globalist consumer wage cuck identity he is allowed. Over the past 152 years in general, and the past 50 or so years in particular, the Southern normie has learned his place. For a great example of this, check out Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson’s cringe-worthy cuckfest for BLM back during the 2014 “protests.”

      I suspect that, like most normies, a significant part of their behavior comes from the need/desire to follow the path of least resistance; the need for the routine to not be disrupted. I’ve heard it said repeatedly by alt-righters that normies hate Antifa, BLM, and other leftoids who block roads and throw things at cops. And that’s true, but most of that is undoubtedly because the sub-humans in question are loud and obnoxious and make them late for work, not because of any redpillish tendencies. Anything that gets in the way of wage-cucking, beer, Netflix, and (especially down here) sportsball, will be met with a hostile crowd.

      The only normies I’ve ever been able to persuade to actually think critically about our message were ones that were already sort of leaning our way, but hadn’t yet really made a philosophy out of it. For the most part, though, stating out loud that you want a separate nation for whites (or, even worse, Southerners) is met with the same reaction Raymond displayed in Rain Man when Charlie turned on the hot water.

      I’ll leave it to those of you more well-versed in history to decide how necessary normie support even is in a given revolutionary effort, but I will say that it is going to take much more extreme events to cause any kind of real awakening. The good money is on some sort of economic collapse (although a dissolution into anarchy and chaos is certainly possible without it). Nothing gets the hamster wheels of the normie mind turning like lack of money for cable.

      -By Robin

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