The Truth About The Orlando Terrorist Attack

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      What a tool. I like how he ridicule his like minded people though. He makes absurd formal fallacies which undermines his own arguments as well as appeal to probability. He makes both incomplete and inconsistent comparisons. Retrospective determinism at its best, talk about fallacy of accent, lmao.

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      Family: We weren’t aware of any actions he was taking. We are in shock as the rest of the country. This had nothing to do with religion.

      Narrators sarcastic take from it: Huh.. Wait.. So Islam has nothing to say about homosexuality.

      Nobody said Islam has nothing to say about homosexuality, what he said was that his act had nothing to do about religion.

      This fundamentally moronic guy just keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper as he goes on. I need to read some scientific studies about quantum mechanics to make up for the 2 IQ points I just lost from listening to this. @gnat

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      Carry concealed guns and receiving tactical training should be mandatory.

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        Pit Viper

        I liked the pandering by the shitty media tried to play. Can’t wait for the day their schemes won’t work and they have to go spin them elsewhere.

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      Mainstream media made assault synonymous with rifle.

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