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      It’s under ‘Socially Relevant/Politics

      I know it’s long, read it all, you will get a grasp of how we’ve tried to be nice to him, and how he turns it into an attack on him. It’s laughable, but I can’t laugh anymore at it…it’s pathetic.

      Almost two years old but you see the same old rhetoric over and over. You see members trying to engage; but you see Andre blow them off with yet another jewtube video. You see members trying to point out discrepancies with some of his videos…He has excuses for that. He actually puts up videos that are pro global earth, yet he’s so vested in this shit, he sees it as pro flat earth! You see members trying to explain (yet again) that his combative and rude stance towards these other members (that he loves so much) is not the way to make a point. What does he do? The same fucking thing…over and over and over.
      Again, we all squabble here now and then, but he seems to think he’s above the rest of us, his “feelings” matter, while ours do not. There is literally dozens of these threads with the same comments over and over again. He has posted some flat earth videos over two dozen times. The SAME fucking videos. If anyone else tried to start a thread, he purposely spammed the Fuck out of it with dozens of videos so it would crash….then he bragged and laughed about it with his faggot buddy svarg. There’s honestly not enough time in the day to write every convo. He has time and time again stated that he doesn’t care, that his “beloved BG bros and sisters” are more important than the shape of the earth. Two days later… he’s on his rampage again. His demeanor towards someone can change in seconds. He is his own worst enemy. He is very skilled at working the room in his favor with his sad, sad stories…but I’ve got news for him, we all have sad stories, but none of us are using it to garner sympathy on a subject that has nothing to do with it. The vid is only one in a series of dozens. It’s all here for anyone to read, it’s here to see that Andre is not a victim, he is the instigator. He has NO interest in debating flat earth, because for him, he is 100% right. His only reason for talking about it, is to convince us all how wrong we are….under the guise of his loving and caring heart. πŸ˜€ Then, when we won’t acquiesce to his demands, he attacks.

      Here @thedre, one less thing you can’t cry about, I tagged your ass.

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      I can absolutely see why you, and others, are so upset. everything you stated is true. I thought it would be link to one thread where he tore into that “newbie” girl. it was so over the top vicious and over, of all things, flat Earth. surprise surprise

      what doesn’t seem to be understood is that it is fairly obvious he isn’t going to convert core friends so why keep cramming it down our throats day after day? and then he his tendency to type in all caps and I know he said it was cause of his eyes but now it reads like he is screaming it at me and omg enough

      seems it would be far more fulfilling and less dramatic to discuss the subject with like-minded individuals than at the expense of his friends

      we are not changing. does it mean he has to? no . believe in it all you want just don’t belittle and chastise your “beloved friends” when we don’t agree

      him thinking he is going to change our minds by bombing every thread with videos is so constant it has now become rude. I don’t know why he won’t stop. consider this some sort of intervention and maybe on the other side he can begin to rebuild friendships

      imagine if everyday I came on here and *****DEMANDED YOU SEEK THE TRUTH AND ****BECOME A JEW******** every post every forum thread and when you said no fucking way I verbally beat the shit out of you, apologized then did it again

      how strongly do you feel you would ever convert to Judaism? that is how strongly 100% of those speaking out feel about a flat Earth

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      Hamburger Bob

      I’m not sure “upset” is the word.
      Well not for me anyway.

      I find it very amusing to see how somebody continuously tries to convince people with YouTube videos of other people’s thoughts and experiments, but has no thoughts of his own on this matter, ya you @thedre .

      You never actually answer questions, you just simply copy/paste other peoples quotes and links/videos as your answers, like you’re not even real. A flat earth agent spambot is what you have seemingly become.

      There is so much more in the world that you could put all your energy into, not sure why you let this flat earth thing, of all things, completely consume your soul.

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