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      They Lied

      I didn’t write this, but liked most of it. Except 9/11 wasn’t an inside job.

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      Can you please explain why you don’t think 9/11 was an inside job?

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      I lied

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      One thing that I Never Understood why they have not made Lying A Criminal-Offense.
      And i don’t mean like harmless little White-Lies that are harmless, like when the girlfriend or wife that you are with at the time asks you if their ass looks big in these pants, Type-O-Lie, lol.

      But i am talking about any lie that can kill seriously harm, and the like. So one that cannot/will not hurt anyone physically, or mentally. But of course the laws are made-up by the Zionist-Evil-Jews Anyways so were kinda fucked.

      People should be jailed for life for all of these lies that has affected/killed millions on our Earth so far.

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      And they lie Hiding God From Us All, they Lie About Our Mother Earth,,, it’s Shape,,, it,s Size, and The Loving-God Who Created-It All.

      And this truth is also mentioned, not only in Genesis’s Creation, but it is mentioned another Mind-Blowing 16 Times by different Individuals/Disciples, so this truth can never be undone,,, Ever! :).

      You can find this Ultimate Truth In The in *The King James Version of The Bible*, and it is also mentioned Billions of Times Daily Through The Internet, and (less so through word of Mouth) which is only one of the Many, Many Reasons why they want us kept so far apart from Each Other.

      This Truth Was and still is being spread like a completely Out Of Control Wildfire so this was they thought that this would help. Although it is not spreading as fast as before This Fakedemic begun, and is still ongoing,,, people Are Waking-Up, Every single day, so the damage is already-done. 🙂

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