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      Kate Middleton Wears Dress That Looks Identical to What Mia Farrow Wore in Rosemarys Baby

      Jews and crypto Jews are Satan worshipers, and they really like to rub what they are about in our faces. I guess it pleases them to know the sheeple don’t get it no matter how obvious shit gets. I mean… ever looked at the Georgia Guidestones?

      Here’s Kate Middleton wearing the same dress Mia Farrow used in Rosemary’s Baby – as if they were sending the world a message that they are Satanists and are there to breed their devil spawn.

      They’ve even named the spawn “Louis” (Louis-cifer) in homage to Lord Louis “Paedophile” Mountbatten.

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      Lord Wankdust

      Louis went out with a bang. A thousand pieces sprayed across Mullaghmore. Fed the gulls. The sun shone. The tide came in and went out twice that day. The craic was good.

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      I didn’t know he was a paedophile but did hear he was homo.

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      I liked how the media said Kate’s dress was ‘an homage’ to Diana Spencer. Looked absolutely nothing like the dress they compared it to. Always determined to portray that weak-ass skank as some kind of martyr. Gross.

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        Glad to see that not everyone buys the Diana propaganda. There’s absolutely no reason to glamorize that adulteress, but after decades of propaganda I’m pretty sure the average joe would be horrified to see criticism towards Diana. It wouldn’t go well for a public figure to say something bad about her too.

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          I thought Diana left Price Charles AFTER she found out about his affair. Could care less about the royal family but I was always under the impression that she ended up dating after he head the affair.
          Maybe I should just look shit up first before I post stupid comments lol

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          I believe you are correct but would change my mind if someone was able to prove me wrong.


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          Indeed, to speak ill of the sainted Lady Diana-May-She-Rest-In-Peace-Candle-in-the-fucking-Wind is sacrilege here. I never bought into her shit, she always struck me as a total fraud and ungrateful, attention-seeking bitch. The day she died and Joe Public lost their collective shit was truly a bewildering sight to behold though.

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          @lady-lexis , @hopingfornemesis, and @axegrinder

          It (after all the media bollocks) became clear that charlie-boy was giving ole “Tiggy” the royal rod before the marraige to Diana (dare we never to besmerch her lily-white name 😉 )
          AND from the day of the marraige onwards.
          So if this is true, we can say that her affairs were after charlie cheated (not that it makes it any better)

          Her affairs also became big news – the most infamous of her affairs while still married to charlie was with a bloke called “James Hewitt”, an army cavalry officer, and (to my surprise @lady-lexis , on googling his name ) actually northern Irish, ie. Born in Derry.
          You guys may remember this/him, you may not.

          But let me ask one thing from you (& anyone else interested), “indulge me” if you like …..
          Google “James Hewitt” & click the google “images” tab.
          THEN Google “Prince Harry” & click the google “images” tab.
          Compare the images

          See what you think.
          And YES (to second guess your first question), the dates of the relationship/Affair DO match up.

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          Yes i do remember Ginger Boy and yes it has been remarked on many a time! @karmen40

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          i just googled hewitt myself – and in the first ten results are 4 of the comparison.
          seems everyone is now on it.

          I actually find harry the least repulsive of all the Royals.
          It Would make sense that he is not a Mountbatten/Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-GlĂŒcksburg (or “Windsor”, as they ridiculously change the family name to)

          THERE WAS a street party round our way when charlie and diana married. I was 9.
          I remember distinctly – my mates little brother putting his blue plastic bowl of fruit salad onto the ground, pulling his pants open and pissing into the bowl, then picking it up and carrying on eating it.
          Funny how these fantastic and fond memories stay with us, eh?

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          Yes. I agree. He looks too much like his Greek Royal Family ancestors ;Prince Phillip’s height ,build etc! And yes Diana’s bro was a carrot -head. I remember well! I have a softspot for Reds though! At one point in my life i lived in Northants. ,ancestral shire of Diana’s family.


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          @karmen40 @hopingfornemesis
          Oh aye, the rumour that Harry is James Hewitt’s boy has been around from day dot. I don’t really buy that though, I’ve always heard that the dates DON’T match up according to multiple biographers and it always came down to the fact that Harry had red hair and William didn’t. You only needed to look at Diana’s brother Charles, Earl Spencer to see where the ginger comes from (I think he’s grey now though!). Diana might have been a ginger herself before she started dying it. Couldn’t have a ginger princess.

          Harry doesn’t really share any facial similarities with Hewitt beyond hair colour imo. Harry is his mothers son but much more like Prince Charles and even Prince Philip than James Hewitt.

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        I reckon Mark nailed it with Rosemary’s Baby . Great movie! John Cassavetes! Wow! Same dress!!


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      Road Pavement

      It’s called incest among British people

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      Good post, as always. Although the favorite royal couple right now is Harry and his half black, self-proclaimed feminist fiancĂ©e from the USA, Meghan Markle. The globalist mainstream media, and the leftist alternative media as well, are all going insane when the mongrel child is born and their carefully planned objective is concluded. Irreversible too, due to its nature. “History being made”, as some outlets already proclaimed. They will laud that couple until the end of times.

      As for people interested in the degeneration of these nobles (that is happening for quite some time already), I made a post a month ago called “The British Royal Family Was Replaced by Jewish Shills“.

      Rosemary’s Baby is one my favorite horror movies, slow-burning and suspense-building flick.

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      i remember watching rosemarys baby a long long time ago and wasnt too impressed but i was quite the sheep back then, i will watch it again to check out the symbology and comparisons to the knowledge i have today on these secret societys and satanists

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        It’s a good movie but as far as the Satanism with in it it’s all Hollywood, or Christianised version of Satanism. Real Satanism doesn’t really believe in Satan as a real being. If anything, they worship man. To believe in a real live Satan then you also have to believe in God/Christ etc.
        I would call them glorified Atheists. Anything else that claims otherwise was written in the view of religious folks who view it as the complete flip side of Christianity (a being that they worship, who grants powers, kills animals or harms children and other nonsense )

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          Yes, but this “Hollywood Satanism” is not so far-fetched. During the 19th century in France, there were real theistic satanists and satanic clubs where satanic rituals such as the black mass were performed. This type of stuff happens to this day, especially in the US. You can find several real pictures of black masses and other satanic rituals being performed. I’ve seen some real murder cases too where the victim was murdered due to satanic reasons. Of course cinema and christian propaganda tend to exaggerate things, like the Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria, but stuff shown in Rosemary’s Baby do exist. Not the supernatural ones of course, the devil-worshiping fools.

          Now regarding LaVey’s satanism, they are glorified atheists indeed. They have some useful philosophical stuff, such as the nine satanic statements, the nine satanic sins and the eleven satanic rules of the Earth, but at the end of the day they still are a bunch of degenerate fools to me, and still sheep.

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      Mr Spock

      I just think that Prince William should shave off all his hair, and go for the hardass look,
      like Mark. It will make him look young.

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        I agree.
        Not particularly for the same reasons – but just for the fact that ANY balding man looks better after the full-shave

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      got any links on them black mass pictures you were mentioning?

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