This Blackness Within

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      This Blackness Within




      A black hole.


      Swallowing everything.




      Feeding off my disheartment.


      Thriving on my disbeliefs.


      Pulling apart my conscience. 




      I tried to slow it.


      To make it stop.


      Trying to convince myself.


      That It never came to pass.


      Hoping with my beating heart.


      That I will be unscathed.




      As I grew older.




      Crushing down on me.




      I once held close to me.


      It decimates.


      All my dreams.


      My every wish.






      This Blackness Within




      The years pass.


      The deceits grew countless.


      The black hole engorging.




      All that is near.




      This Blackness Within




      Takes its toll. 


      I am now one.






      This Blackness Within




      This life.


      It keeps unsettling me.


      Tricking me.


      Every time I dare.


      To open up and try to care.


      No more.


      Shall I attempt to.


      Restrict it.


      Deny it.


      If I try.


      I would become.


      This very deciever I loathe…


      I am….




      This Blackness Within

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      Dirty Couch

      Do you need a hug

      Or like, some hot chocolate

      I can hook you up

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