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      Well Best Gore aquanteces, I never really went to the topic pages before, I only just checked out the gore, but here is a little bit about myself….
      My name is Frank, I live in West allis Wis USA. I’ve been married for 19 years this year and got 2 dogs and 2 grown men.
      I came to the BG site in 2011 when my life was turned upside down by a road rage accident that killed 4 family members (search this to read about it ROAD RAGE ACCIDENT KILLS 4 MEMBERS OF SAN FELIPPO FAMILY IN ARKANSAS 9/12/2010), I was struggling with how they were murdered and so I searched the web for pictures of accidents and the search led me here.
      This site really has worked wonders for my severe PTSD, Depression and anxiety by being able to see that I was not alone in my suffering and that shot that happened to my family happens all 9ver the world daily.
      I was a lurker here for some time until one day I made a profile to comment on a story and since then I’ve been throwing in my insignificant comments weekly.
      I really don’t hate one particular group of people, that means I can tolerate Gays, Jews, Muslims,Islamic State folks, nazis, murderers, Polish people, druggies etc. I even forgave those that killed my family and shook their hands in court. Why should I hate anyone especially if they didnt ever do anything wrong to me? Unless I get attacked physically, I’ve got no problems with anyone.
      I truly believe in freedom of expression and speech, without these we would all be the same and it would suck.
      I give Mark Marek (sp?) so much credit for sticking up for his rights, OUR rights, he is a true patriot. So what if its a gore site, we all like certain things in life that others hate, does that make us wrong? Does that mean we should conform? You did a great service to the free world by standing your ground Mark! I will always applaud you for it and you need to add a link to this site where we can send this site $, you deserve to keep it alive.

      But anyways, this is who I am at the moment, you may hate me or like me but I won’t change who I am for anyone.

      Peace and gore
      PIGgray aka SanBeagle

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